Wednesday, October 12, 2016

New Boost Promotion is Working

Last month, Uber ended guaranteed hourly earnings and replaced this promotion with a boost. They set a boost schedule featuring surge bonuses, rewarding drivers who complete trips in specific regions and at selected times higher fares. This new boost promotion is actually working to help drivers maximize their earning potential.

At first, we viewed the boost as an excuse to avoid paying drivers hourly guarantees. For example, an East Bay Area driver could make guarantee hourly earnings completing 1 trip per hour. If these are minimum priced trips, drivers could increase their earnings working in an expanded East Bay region. However, drivers are now expected to service qualified regions such as San Francisco, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale, San Jose, Berkeley, Oakland, Alameda, and Albany to receive boost prices.

Under the boost promotion, drivers will be paid the highest fare price. Any surged rides above the boost are credited toward driver accounts. If a surge is less than the current boost, drivers will receive the surge price and a boost to match the boost match. A combination of surge and boost prices will guarantee drivers maximum pay.

Why is this new boost promotion better than past hourly guarantees? Regional drivers must opt-in for hourly guarantees. Terms and conditions set under this promotion influence potential earnings. Therefore, drivers must average a set number of trips per hour, begin 67 percent of trips in qualified regions, are restricted to promotional regions, and must accept 90 percent of trips. At any time, these terms and conditions can/will go against drivers to disqualify them from a particular promotion.

With the new boost promotion, drivers can enter any qualified region during scheduled times and receive a boost. There is a high probability clients will request trips that travel into unapproved boost regions. They must make a decision whether to stay or move back to a qualified boost region. It is most efficient to complete boost trips rather than cheap fares that require more hours and trips to match non-boost fares.

Uber drivers will see that driving in boost areas will increase their weekly earnings. As a result of the boost, Uber is rewarding drivers on performance instead of guaranteed hourly earnings. Drivers will find that working in boost areas can maximize their overall earnings. They can monitor boost earnings through the weekly "Earning" section found next to "Home" section on bottom of driver app.

In our honest opinion, the boost will keep drivers in specific regions. If these drivers follow the boost schedule and drive at the right times, they will see a huge boost in fares. Overall, this boost in earnings will exceed guaranteed hourly promotions held in the past.

Get on the road with the new boost promotion. The boost promotion is definitely the best way to make money driving with Uber. No terms and conditions reward all drivers, unlike past hourly guarantees that disqualified drivers by setting tough restrictions.

Once trips took drivers into unqualified regions with high ride demand, they face lowering trip origination percentage and/or losing time going offline to reach qualified region. Technical difficulties compromised acceptance rate, resulting in disqualification to receive hourly matches. Uber made a good decision to introduce the boost.

Chest boost schedule to find the best times to drive and which areas deliver quality earnings. Make the most with the boost to increase your driver earnings. Happy safe driving!