Monday, October 17, 2016

Isolate ride requests

A rider decided to request an Uber driver only a foot away. These two failed to link up. On busy nights, it is nearly impossible to isolate a ride request. Forget about it! Good luck coordinating a ride with an Uber driver.

There are way too many riders requesting rides. Uber drivers and riders will cancel several trips before making a successful connection. Trust us!

You'll be incredibly lucky to request the same driver sitting next to you. Either the driver or the rider will probably get hooked up with another individual. Your timing must be perfect to make this connection. 

Uber is super trendy! This ride platform is a 24-hour service with far more clients requesting rides than drivers filling this heavy demand.

Uber clients rely on this ride service to get around. Some clients who live far away request medication delivery services from 24-hour pharmacies to retirement/nursing homes. What if these clients and drivers struggle to connect? It can happen, especially when pharmacies are located next to airports. 

"Isolate a ride" feature can allow two parties to successfully connect. Without integrating this feature into the driver app, riders will have a difficult time requesting a particular Uber driver to drive them.