Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Don't play around with Personal Auto Insurance

Driving with Uber and Lyft can represent a flexible way to earn money while also having fun. Don't believe that driving is all about making money and have a blast doing it. As much time as drivers spend on city streets, freeways and highways, there is an increased risk of getting into accidents.

Safe driving won't guarantee safety on the road. Opposing drivers may cause hazardous conditions, which in result can impact drivers and their clients. Using personal auto insurance coverage is not worth the risk. We're not insurance advisors or specialists. However, we know from riders sharing stories of their friends riding in Uber and Lyft rides and getting into accidents.

In ridesharing accidents, car insurance becomes a major issue. A taxi driver in Southern California got hit by an uninsured motorist and his taxi company didn't have any coverage. This taxi driver, who drives safe, now can't drive because his cab is in bad shape. But for the most part, vehicle damage is a minor issue when compared to passenger injuries. One bad accident could end it all.

Ridesharing drivers get on the road to make money. Some enjoy performing ride services because of their unique experiences. Aside from making money and having fun, dangerous situations exist on the roads. Selfish people will run the risk of getting into accidents. They don't care about traffic laws and/or safety. These drivers speed, run red lights, drive in bike lanes, run stop signs, and adopt other troubling driving behavior.

Personal auto insurance may not be enough to cover any accidents. Uber and Lyft maintain private insurance coverage, viewable in the way bill section. However, insurance companies may challenge any accidents reported under the ridesharing clock. It is best to purchase ridesharing speciality insurance coverage to avoid future problems.

Check with your insurance agent to discuss the best car insurance for ridesharing services. Stay safe on the road!