Monday, October 17, 2016

Delivery Button

Uber drivers lack freedom to choose UberEATS requests. They are expected to accept most trip requests sent to them. Unfortunately, the Uber driver app doesn't include a button to choose modes.

Want to deliver food? Drivers receive UberX and UberPool trips. Want to drive people? UberEATS requests constantly arrive without a way for drivers to limit these orders.

This past week, Uber sent a driver a message regarding their UberEATS delivery account. They asked what happened to completing UberEATS delivery orders? Maybe this driver should reply back with what happened to sending me UberEATS delivery requests?

The Uber driver accepts and completes mostly all incoming ride requests and 100 percent of delivery orders. Usually, this driver receives between 20-30 UberEATS delivery requests. However, only three UberEATS delivery orders were requested and completed for an entire week.

Uber should look into developing a button to switch modes between transporting people and food. What if this driver is close to completing 30 UberEATS delivery orders? They can't switch to accepting UberX and UberPool trips. Uber restricts the number of delivery trips permissible under their weekly trip milestone bonus program.

Need more UberX and UberPool trips? Want to delivery UberEATS orders? Uber drivers are requesting a button to switch between UberEATS, UberX & UberPool and/or hybrid mode (no preferences to trip types).