Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Compassionate Uber: Friday Technical Issues

Uber discovered technical issues plagued drivers this past Friday night. Many drivers reported having problems accepting requests, completing trips, starting and stopping trips, and making deliveries.

Uber took notice of this setback and issued small credits to drivers for missed downtime. Yet, Uber also helped drivers chasing after the weekly trip milestone promotion by lowering the overall ride count by 2-3 trips for each bonus tier. In doing this, drivers didn't miss out on a specific promotional level they anticipated accomplishing and could've failed to reach by a few rides. Thumbs up Uber!

Major props to Uber for understanding how technical issues can impact quality service. One Uber driver almost called it a night after 4 trips. He didn't want this technical difficulty to affect his clients. He knew that missing incoming ride and delivery requests could influence his overall acceptance rate. Fortunately, the driver weathered this technical storm and completed a fair number of trips.

Whereas 90 percent and above acceptance rate is excellent for UberX/UberPool accounts, 80 percent and below for UberEats delivery accounts can result in temporary deactivation. Nevertheless, high standards are required to maintain an efficient ride and delivery platform. Rejecting and/or canceling trips could increase wait time and influence user experience. It's imperative that drivers keep a high acceptance rate, especially on the UberEats delivery platform.

Uber responded to overall problems within their system. They apologized to drivers, issued small credits, and lowered trip milestone requirements to compensate drivers for undergoing this challenging night. Moreover, a drivers whose UberEats acceptance rate dragged down from 100 percent to 80 percent on this night got his score revised to its previous percentage before technical issues doomed it.

Great job Uber for handing this Friday night technical challenge.