Wednesday, September 21, 2016

What a Napa rider told his secretary...

An Uber driver drove a wealthy Napa resident safely to his home at 2am. This rider tucked his phone inside the back pouch behind the passenger seat. The driver departed this rider's home, which is located up in the Napa hills. What a Napa rider told his secretary to say to this driver the next day regarding his phone was disrespectful.

Most riders appreciate their drivers. They thank their drivers for fast pickups and safe rides. This Napa client requested the driver to stop at a fast food restaurant. He consumed his food in the backseat, making a complete mess. He left crumbs, meat, cheese and the paper bag on the floor.

The driver attempted to clean this mess at a gas station. This is when he noticed the cell phone placed in the backseat pouch with a charger connected to it. He drove 10 miles to this client's home. He walked around the dark hilltop of this rich client's home. There were no lights and no front door to ring a doorbell. After 20 minutes of trying to get the attention of someone in the home, this driver called off his attempt to deliver this phone.

The driver wrote a note to this client and put it on his car door. In the morning, this phone received multiple text messages and a few calls from the same people. Unfortunately, the phone was locked! The client never called this drive to arrange delivery.

Once a call arrived from the same woman again, this driver was able to answer the call even with the phone on lock mode. After picking up this call, the woman said where have you been and finally I got a hold of you. The driver told this woman he drove home the client and they left the phone behind.

This woman offered to meet the driver and retrieve this phone. The driver told this woman he would drive to Napa. On the way to Napa, she kept calling the phone and leaving text messages. She assumed this driver had already arrived at the agreed location, when in fact the time to meet hadn't approach yet.

Finally, this woman left her phone number on the client's phone. He called her to give his current status. Eventually, the driver delivered the phone to this woman in Downtown Napa. This woman, the client's wife, thanked the driver. She didn't reward the driver for making this return.

Gas cost, time and honesty resulted in no reward. This driver didn't have a problem not receiving any compensation for this good deed.

What puzzled this driver is the poor treatment he received after making this return. He sent a text message to the wife about a call received earlier regarding service being done on a vehicle. Somehow, the client's secretary received this message and called back.

The woman called this driver and identified herself as the client's secretary. She said her boss woke up and realized his phone went missing and we need to come to the bottom of this. This driver informed the secretary he delivered the phone to the client's wife.

How about thanking the driver for making arrangements to deliver this phone 20 miles away. Nobody on the client's side had no clue this phone went missing. Because the client had a day off that Friday, he never walked over to his car to see the note. Instead, the client played around on his social media accounts - as shown on notifications streaming on his locked phone.

This secretary should have shown respect in her greeting. Maybe greet this driver politely, and then ask if he knew whether her boss left his phone in the car. We believe the driver should have dropped this off at the Daly City Uber Office. It is not in the driver's job description to drive back to far away cities to make returns. Let this disrespectful Napa client take an hour trip to get his phone.

If rude and disrespectful clients leave behind personal items, drop these belongings off at Uber headquarters. Have these clients make the trip to Daly City. Too many times clients leave their personal items in hidden spots and expect drivers to make long trips to deliver them. They rarely compensate these drivers for bridge tolls, gas and time. Avoid handling client items, as any damage to them will put you on the hook for this cost. Don't let clients walk over you!

***Nice and/or respectful deserve first-class treatment. If they leave behind their personal items, please make special arrangements to return them promptly.