Tuesday, September 13, 2016

UberPool 2 minute cancellation policy harming drivers

Uber implemented a 2-minute countdown on UberPool. If a rider is a no-show, drivers have the right to cancel this trip as a no-show. This new Uber cancellation policy is misleading to drivers. 

Drivers are given the freedom to cancel riders if they are no-shows on UberX. They can cancel UberPool riders after the 2-minutes. There is a 2-minute countdown that starts the moment drivers reach the pickup address. 

This new UberPool cancellation policy is a major problem. It seems that Uber hasn't repaired the kinks within their ride request process. Riders can be a block away, a mile away and a city away. 

How can drivers handle cancellations? The rider is overly price conscious to not cancel. Drivers are warned by Uber for canceling trips. What should a driver do? Catch 22? 

The change in UberPool cancellation terms is a trap for drivers. They are instructed to cancel after 2-minutes. When their riders are frequently no-shows, don't answer text messages and phone calls, these drivers must cancel to move on with their current group of riders. 

In the following week, Uber will send a text message and email to warn their Partners of excessive cancellations. How in the world can a driver operate within the scope of this policy? Of course, drivers appreciate that Uber is looking out for them for no-shows. 

However, Uber is penalizing drivers for canceling trips of no-show riders. Another problem area is a rider requesting a ride for one rider and brings along three riders. This rider refuses to cancel ride and reorder again since Uber will charge them a cancellation fee. The driver is put on the hook to cancel accept the wrong number of riders in fear of canceling excessive trips. As a result of this action, drivers must block all ride requests to avoid conflict with seating capacity. 

Uber, we have a problem here. Drivers should be able to cancel rides as no-shows. Don't penalize drivers for riders refusing to cancel trips because they are no-shows and don't want to pay a fee. Revising cancellation policy, and then instructing drivers to cancel as no-shows is a trap.