Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Uber drivers: Don't Share your crazy ride experiences with riders

Uber is not being fair with their drivers. The moment riders file reports on particular drivers, Uber withholds vital details to protect privacy policies. Drivers have no clue what these riders said about them. In maintaining privacy of clients, Uber is keeping their drivers in the dark.

Uber never answered their Partners back on the privacy breach that exposed thousands of their driver names to the San Francisco Treasurer's Office. Because of this breach, these drivers are now getting penalized for business permits they were never instructed to obtain the past 2-3 years. It is acceptable to give up driver names to violate privacy, but it is not appropriate to share one minor detail of rider complaints to compare the validity of these claims.

Would you like to walk into your manager's office for a complaint you know nothing about? Want to get written up for this incident without at least knowing what was done and said? This is basically what Uber does to their Partners; they won't share any information. Uber won't tell drivers what week, time, gender, region, what this incident is about, and other important information to determine the accuracy of   such complaints.

On Uber's part, it is horrible to contact drivers and tell them a rider reported an incident. They'll go on to say this driver made the rider feel uncomfortable. When Partners request what is this complaint about, Uber will show a link to their privacy policies. Uber won't share an ounce of detail with their drivers.

To tell you the truth, Partners should have the right to dispute unfair claims. Eventually, drivers may find out one minor detail of a reported incident and it's totally false. They will never act in this manner; however, accepting this undisclosed incident as something to fix in the future could jeopardize partnership with Uber. If another rider reports another false incident, the driver will likely get deactivated and never know what they did to deserve this poor treatment.

Some riders are bad apples. A small percentage of riders will say and do things to hurt drivers. If you know that you are a good driver, mediate a complaint you feel is unjustified. The last thing you want to do is cave in on the pressure of something you didn't say or do. Your track record with Uber may not save you, especially if a rider reports a false claim to influence you.

It's wild that Uber won't even share the gender of the reporting rider. They won't tell drivers what made their rider uncomfortable. They don't share anything but what steps to take in the future. A video and a list of 100 things to do won't help their Partners.

Partners transport thousands of riders. Sharing what this claim is about won't affect privacy policies. Uber is not sharing any names, addresses, city, and other details of their clients.

Our best advice to drivers: don't share your past Uber stories. These clients may want you to share an entertaining story, but then will report you for telling them. Usually, Uber stories can be wild and crazy. There are many wild riders who use drugs, hit on drivers, and have been known to dance nude in cars.

Do yourself a favor and don't share any past Uber stories. Be boring to save your future partnership. Uber won't back you up since they enjoy being vague in their emails to drivers. This poor treatment shows that Partners are expendable parts ready to be dumped into landfills. Driverless cars are proving that drivers will one day be obsolete.

Why should Uber worry whether they share any details of false reporting? They probably don't care. Protect yourself!