Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Uber Brother Watching!

On the Uber driver app, drivers can review a daily driving report that shows the number of times they accelerated and braked smoothly. According to Uber, smooth driving will give riders a comfortable experience, save on brakes, and may also boost driver ratings.

One driver shared their driving is viewed as super smooth. Their overall percentage of smooth braking and acceleration over the weekend received "great work!" marks.

For the most part, drivers who are driving on their own time and while they are offline fall into a habit of breaking and accelerating smoothly. Of course, this type of driving makes for a safer experience.

However, drivers feel as they are being monitored at every corner. They no longer have the peace of mind as independent contractors. It is like they are treated as chauffeur drivers with dispatchers.

Remember to keep braking and accelerating smoothly. Beware, Uber is monitoring you!