Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Drivers: Select Music Responsibly

Uber drivers enjoy playing music to entertain their riders. Driving in a car many hours per day can represent a challenge, so listening to music eases the mind to keep drivers in focus.

As an Uber driver, it is your responsibility to play the right music. Don't play rap music that degrade women and use excessive curse words. Some drivers may argue my client is using my AUX cord to play the same exact music. Keep this in mind; your riders don't use Uber as much as you drive.

Just because a rider is playing degrading music, you shouldn't follow their lead. When your riders complain, you will have to change your ways to avoid future deactivation.

Rap music is some of the worst music in existence. There are good rap songs, but there are terrible songs that talk about women and what guys plan to do with them. They call women the worst names. Such songs are violent, degrading and even offensive.

Other music genres can also create problems among riders who dislike this music and find the material uncomfortable. Choose the right music. Make sure to keep the volume at a comfortable setting.

It is acceptable for riders to request drivers to amp up the volume to deafening levels. Don't be one of those drivers who decides to increase the volume to distract riders. Show respect!

For sure, rap music is entertaining to millions of people across the world. We get it! Tupac and Notorious Big released some of the best rap music. Their rapping style is far superior to what we hear nowadays.

Nevertheless, we don't question why riders enjoy playing their crappy rap music on car stereos. Rap music is one of the most popular genres of music. All diverse backgrounds find entertainment in listening to this music.

Drivers can accommodate these riders with their distasteful music. However, be responsible drivers to avoid having another UberPool rider play questionable music while other riders are in your vehicle.

Most importantly, drivers should use good judgement playing music during trips. What drivers play on their stereos without a rider present in the car is up to them. What you play as drivers is how you speak to your riders.

Would you curse and degrade women in the presence of riders? No, never! Would you discuss smoking weed to your riders? We would not dare do that, but there are drivers who do this often.

Best approach to playing music is to request if the rider has any preference. That is a respectful way to include riders as part of every trip taken on the Uber platform.

Uber is giving driver and riders access to Pandora without commercials during trips. Take advantage of this special offer to listen to the latest tunes.