Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Business Permits in city of San Francisco and at San Jose Airport

Local cities are trying to profit off of ridesharing drivers. The truth is that Uber and Lyft drivers are not making a fortune transporting riders. San Francisco is requiring all ridesharing drivers who service the city 7 days per calendar year to file for a business permit. Furthermore, drivers making San Jose Airport drop-offs and pickups are required to hold a business permit.

Ridesharing drivers must band together to stop this poor treatment. Uber is accepting this new policy. They never followed-up with drivers about how the driver names got leaked to the San Francisco City Treasurer Office. If drivers don't drive in San Francisco, they should not be required to obtain a  business permit. The same practice should be adopted at San Jose airport. It is not a driver's fault they get ride requests from Berkeley and Oakland to San Jose Airport. 

Ridesharing companies try to be slick. They withhold rider destinations to protect their rider base. However, these companies do a poor job informing riders of daily practices. 

Riders assume drivers know where they are going before the pickup. Just so you know riders, drivers have no idea where you are going. If riders get canceled, it is not because of their destinations. Most likely, these riders have a bad rating and/or their pickup address is too far away. 

Drivers have a right to block ride requests in San Francisco. The best practice is to deliver riders to SF destinations, and then leave the city immediately. Make a point drivers; you deserve better treatment than to get threatened by the City Treasurer's office. Outside cities are watching San Francisco and San Jose for revenue ideas. Don't give these cities fuel to implement new policies. Soon enough, there will be less drivers and more drunks on the road. 

The cost of ridesharing insurance doubled since last year. Insurance companies are also taking a piece of the pie, subjecting great drivers to higher premiums. 

It is so ridiculous to require all drivers to apply for business permits. Before drivers know it, they will be required to obtain 20+ permits. The state of California is doing nothing to help limit this abuse. Instead of requesting multiple city permits, drivers should obtain one statewide permit to operate within all California cities. Stop this abuse! 

In the meantime, drivers who service cities outside of San Francisco should not apply for business permits in SF. Don't give in to this greedy city. Drivers don't need San Francisco to make a living. It is unfair to penalize drivers for moving people around in their city. Given this bad treatment, SF only cares about their annual revenue.

Too bad San Francisco is losing the battle with their homeless problem. No matter how many resources they devote to homelessness, they continue to see an influx of homeless people. Panhandling probably makes homeless people more than drivers on a daily basis. These panhandlers should be required to apply for a business permit, too. 

Ridesharing companies need to revamp their in-house standards to allow drivers to opt-out of San Jose airport requests originating from outside regions. If a driver receives an Oakland and/or Berkeley ride request and later learn this ride is going to San Jose Airport, they shouldn't be penalized for taking this trip.

In the driver app, there should be a prompt that asks whether the driver has a business permit for San Jose Airport or not. Don't connect drivers who don't hold a business permit to San Jose Airport. It would be totally unfair to get towed and/or fined because of new business license requirements implemented there. 

We point the finger at ridesharing companies for withholding rider destinations to put drivers at risk. Then, these companies refuse to help drivers with fines and incurred vehicle impound and tow fees. 

Don't want to drive in San Francisco and/or go to San Jose Airport? Take a stand! Refuse these trips to avoid serious problems. Drivers have a right to avoid San Francisco rides. They don't have to drive a client to San Jose airport. Ridesharing companies hide rider destinations, which in result put their drivers in a bad predicament to travel extremely far without knowing trip details before pickup.

Good luck!