Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Universal Consensus of Uber drivers and riders

Riders say if an Uber driver smokes weed, they would be just like every Uber driver. It is almost mandatory initiation to smoke weed with riders. Uber drivers are viewed as heavy weed smokers. On contrary; good Uber drivers won't smoke weed. These drivers set high standards to maintain professionalism.

Uber clients and Lyft riders shared that Uber/Lyft drivers have smoked weed with them. They usually share a joint on the side of a road or inside a home. It is most common to hear of Uber and Lyft drivers smelling of weed or smoking pot with their riders.

Funny thing is that many Uber clients reek of weed. One woman had a large sack of weed in her purse. Another male rolled a blunt in a Swisher Sweets. Unfortunately, ridesharing drivers are powerless to tell their clients/riders to put that weed away.

On another occasion, a client just lit a mini baseball bat blunt, passed it to his driver and told him that you need to hit this. This Uber driver refused to take a puff, clearly frustrated that his client showed a lack of respect. All future riders would smell this weed, assuming their driver enjoyed a bowl before driving them.

Oakland, Berkeley and Richmond feature the most stoned drivers and riders. The smell of weed is common among these cities. A large percentage of riders enter Uber vehicles smelling of marijuana.

Riders who are driven home after work and from bars and clubs share their plan to smoke a joint and go to sleep. They claim smoking weed is relaxing.

Whatever the case, smoking weed is widespread in the Bay Area. The perception is that many ridesharing drivers are high and are ready to light a joint with their riders at moment's notice.

Business people claimed that their driver smelled of weed. These Napa clients informed their Uber driver that this weed incident occurred in San Francisco.

The most common weed smokers are high school kids and college students. However, clients/riders in their 20's and 30's are also prime weed smokers. Younger ridesharing drivers are known to smoke weed.

Let's not discuss the cocaine problem in Napa. So many coked out riders use ride services. They'll snort their cocaine on the way home.

In Berkeley, two riders asked if we are free to do whatever we want. The drivers asked what they had in mind. By this time, the riders begin to snort cocaine on their way to a local bar.

In San Francisco, quiet riders going back home from an after party club snorted cocaine. The rider returned to the back seat to wipe away the cocaine they left behind. It caused a dust storm, reminding this driver of the Horrible Bosses movie. In the Castro, three riders left a drug party where their friend struggled with the effects of ecstasy.

Universal consensus is that drug use is standard between drivers and riders.