Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Location Services Issue

As you may know, reliable cellular phones are required to perform ridesharing services. It is imperative that cell phones work properly because accepting new requests and completing existing trips rely on reaching rider pickup addresses, starting trips, navigating to destinations and ending trips. Location services pinpoint exact location of drivers from the moment a trip is accepted until the ride is completed.

3 weeks ago, an Uber driver experienced an abrupt setback on his cell phone. Location services on his i-Phone 5 failed and this caused a series of negative events to unfold. A number of issues can occur following failed location services. On the Uber driver app, in-app navigation showed his vehicle sitting at the locations where he accepted these ride requests. 

Clients who monitor ETA and driver movement will likely call and/or cancel trips they deem as unreliable. This driver didn't have access to any GPS apps. Furthermore, he called all three riders to inform them of this location service issue. Once this driver reached his clients, he had to use human GPS to reach their destinations. Driving in busy areas in the San Francisco could result in major delays. 

After completing all three trips, this Uber driver determined he should avoid taking risks since receiving low star ratings could eventually impact his account status. Making mistakes with picking up and dropping clients would create undesired results. 

Have location service issues? Best response to this problem is to purchase a new phone and/or switch phones. Good luck!