Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Beware of Rider Manipulation

Uber drivers and Lyft drivers must beware that some riders will trick them into sharing past Uber/Lyft stories. When drivers buy into this trap, these rider types can/will expose them as unprofessional to Uber and Lyft. As a result of this, riders will report the driver(s) to Uber and Lyft as making them feel uncomfortable. Please beware of these problem riders, as their intentions are to harm valuable drivers.

The best part of Uber and Lyft are their drivers. We hear riders build value into their worth. They tell drivers Uber/Lyft would be nothing without their business. The truth is; riders require ride services far more than drivers need rides. Trip requests are so plentiful, that rejecting trip requests won't influence the bottom line. There is more than enough ride business to go around.

Riders stuck in far away places rely on drivers to take them home safely. If a driver decides they don't want to retrieve this rider, they have the right to cancel this trip and go offline. Once a ridesharing driver shows up to the pickup location and this trip is started, the rider is empowered to manipulate their drivers. Please watch out!

This rider may ask the driver to share their craziest Uber/Lyft stories. Drivers are privately tricked into discussing their past trip stories that are unfairly turned again them. Uber and Lyft are all about their riders; they won't share any complaints with their drivers. Their drivers have no freedom beyond making money transporting riders to destinations in exchange for a piece of the pie.

What irks many drivers is how their ride companies will alert them of complaints that are obviously vague. Uber and Lyft operate privacy policies that side with their riders. Drivers are unable to view these reports, nor do they find out what not to do the next time around.

Whatever you do drivers, don't share any past Uber/Lyft stories with your riders. You never know if your riders will betray you and report this claim to Uber/Lyft. Providing valuable service to thousands of riders won't matter if one rider manipulates the system to terminate your driver account.

Riders are easy to offend. They may see/assume drivers make good money and this can bother them. Somehow, these riders may choose to file a complaint against a driver for making them feel uncomfortable on a specific topic.

Leave it up to Uber/Lyft for their ambiguous emails to drivers. Keep in mind, drivers are powerless service providers. In exchange to make money as independent contractors, they relinquish their right to view exact ratings on particular days. If and when negative complaints are filed, the driver is viewed as the guilty party. They are blocked from viewing the details of these claims.

Uber/Lyft choose to withhold information. They believe protecting the privacy of their rider population will maintain their clientele. Nevertheless, following this approach will one day frustrate great drivers. When these ride companies lose their experienced drivers, then clients will jump ship to other ride platforms. It doesn't take much to shift a ride company into neutral. Look what happened to Sidecar.

The best advice we can give drivers is to avoid rider traps. Don't share your past stories no matter how much these riders want to hear them. Most likely, these stories include details that will offend sensitive riders. Jealousy is another problem area that can/may trigger complaints.

As a driver, you do have a competitive edge. Transport a terrible rider? Rate them low and report them using the help link.

Your freedom as a ridesharing provider relies on protecting your driver account. Your experience and loyalty have no merit to keep you active with these ride companies. For the most part, avoid receiving bad ratings, negative comments and complaints that can/will cause driver deactivation.

Please beware of rider manipulation!