Wednesday, June 08, 2016

What is wrong with riders?

Riders should know they must take the right ride, right driver, right service. Why do they have a problem with returning back to the pickup address to take the right vehicle? Do they know drivers will receive poor feedback once the right client learns of this mistake?

After learning of the wrong rider, drivers are criticized by rude riders. These riders use pressure tactics to coerce the wrong driver to transport them. Most experienced drivers understand how to deal with tough riders. These riders make fixing wrong rider mistakes a problem. 

Mistakes happen. Riders should be understanding that if the wrong driver transports them, it complicates the entire ridesharing process. Uber is not a taxi service. All drivers must be connected with the right client. It doesn't matter if the riders are a mile away from their destinations. Drivers have a right to return riders back to pickup addresses, especially if their drivers are waiting there.

Making the mistake to drive the wrong rider will impact drivers. It is highly likely the client losing their ride will rate their driver low. In order to salvage this mistake, the driver can call the right rider and inform them of this mistake. They can drive back to the pickup address. Furthermore, this driver can contact Uber to request a fare review up to 48 hours after this incident. 

What is up with the wrong rider harassing the wrong driver? Are they this inpatient and disrespectful? Willing to ride for free? Drivers, please silence these riders. 

It is time to report wrong riders who refuse to exit the wrong ride. Drivers don't have time, nor do they deserve unfair criticism. Ridesharing is extremely popular right now, so driving the right rider is common. The best way to counteract wrong rider is to verify the name of rider and driver. 

Ask the rider who their driver is. It is possible two riders can have the same name. However, it is unlikely for both drivers to have the same name. Most seasoned riders will call the driver by their name. Veteran drivers will greet riders by their name. 

Some riders have bad attitudes toward their drivers. When these wrong riders refuse to exit the wrong ride, tell them they must leave. If not, request the name of this rider and report their account to the appropriate ride platform. It is time for drivers to take a stand. Don't let riders intimidate you.