Wednesday, June 08, 2016

Will Uber Drivers Get Considered for future Uber stock options?

The future of Uber relies on their driver base. Without drivers performing ride services, Uber is unable to feed their high demand. As a result of this, Uber wouldn't be able to retain their staff. Their valuation, now nearly $80 billion, would tumble down.

We hear riders claim their business is what makes the ridesharing industry possible. However, it is the speed and convenience of Uber drivers and app service that improve their travel needs. Drivers matter far more than riders. These riders, now spoiled with ridesharing, would struggle to return back to public transportation. 

Forget about the rude and obnoxious tax drivers who tell passengers where they will be going rather than listen to passenger needs. If passengers refuse to accept this destination, they must get out of cabs.

If Uber ceased to exist, no students would get safe rides home. Most students can't rely on a broken bus system. These buses constantly breakdown far too often. More students would walk home under unsafe conditions. 

Uber will likely go IPO within this decade. Their new headquarters will be located in downtown Oakland, near the 19th Street and Broadway Bart Station. Thank UberX for building Uber into a ride giant. Without UberX, there would be no UberPool. Uber watched Lyft, imitating their ridesharing services. Now, a few years later Uber is expanding outward into smaller cities. Their technology company is already a household name. Ask any random person if they know Uber. They will likely tell you it is a car service.

Will drivers be given access to Uber stock options? Probably not. Based on the $100 million lawsuit against Uber, which Uber agreed to settle, all drivers will be classified as independent contractors. San Francisco is taking advantage of this decision, penalizing ridesharing drivers who work in their congested dump. Let's face it; San Francisco is beautiful from the outside and a garbage can on the inside. Who in their right mind would service a city that doesn't care about their roads. 

Maybe all driving services should file suit against the city of San Francisco for allowing their terrible road conditions to destroy vehicles. These horrible roads deteriorate vehicles servicing San Francisco residents, tourists and visitors. Why in the world are ridesharing drivers expected to pay penalties on a business permit the city of San Francisco never mandated as a local requirement? Go ahead and punish ridesharing drivers, because your city is a disgrace. Drivers don't need San Francisco to make a living. 

Short rides, congested streets, no left turns, no loading zones, ticket hungry Parking Enforcement and limited lanes devoted to taxis and buses, block earnings. San Francisco is hungry for the money, but their actions are useless in repairing widespread problems. Give taxis back their business, so their poor service will cheat the public of quality. The archaic taxi industry won't last long. Uber and Lyft improved transportation for millions of people. Without these services, good luck to riders.  

Uber should look out for their drivers. Give them an opportunity to buy company stocks. Your Partners are what make your company possible. Withholding these future stock options prove that drivers don't matter. Your future actions will dictate the importantance of drivers. Hopefully, you make the right decisions.