Tuesday, June 14, 2016

SFO ridesharing setup an awful mess!

Last night, Sunday, proved that SFO has the worst ridesharing setup for airport pickups. TNC vehicles are restricted from picking riders up in Arrivals. Because of this airport regulation, TNC vehicles must meet their riders in Departures. Why does this cause massive congestion?

TNC/smartphone riders must wait outside of Departures. They request Uber and Lyft rides at the airport. After requesting these rides, clients/riders must indicate the terminal and door number to direct drivers toward their pickup locations. What we have here is TNC vehicles making both pickups and drop-offs in Departures.

Hundreds of people are standing around waiting for their drivers. Many riders are dropped off at Departures. As a result of SFO drop-off and pickup regulations, there are far too many people and vehicles spilling into this area. It is a nightmare to make pickups and drop-offs at SFO.

On Sunday night at SFO, hundreds of passengers were waiting near their requested terminal and door number. You can imagine the confusion; riders and drivers must make the right connection.

The problem with designating pickups and drop-offs in Departures is the amount of traffic this regulation creates by restricting TNC vehicles from entering Arrivals. Clients are fully aware of this airport pickup policy; they've voiced their disgust in waiting at Departures.

Taxis continue to hold a competitive advantage. These taxis are permitted to stage their vehicles in Arrivals. At any time, a rider can jump into a cab and get a ride. As for TNC vehicles, they must sit in a Cell Lot that is a few miles away. Once a ride request reaches them, the driver leaves the Cell Lot to retrieve their rider. If this time period is extremely busy, drivers making drop-offs will likely receive ride requests from returning passengers who wait near their terminal and door number.

SFO TNC policies increase activity in Departures. Requiring TNC vehicles to make pickups and drop-offs at Departures multiply the amount of vehicles flooding this area.

Oakland Airport runs a smooth pickup section. All riders who order their rides are required to wait in the Smartphone section. Uber and Lyft drivers are not rushed to leave this section. At SFO, drivers have a few minutes before Airport Parking enforcement warn them to leave or issue citations.

SFO should watch Oakland Airport to learn how to properly organize ridesharing pickups.