Monday, June 06, 2016

Don't Invite Riders You Don't Know

Many clients need quick rides home after the bars close. Ridesharing services are the most popular way to get around town, especially later in the night. Unfortunately, bar hoppers make friends with strangers to be cool and hip. Because of short-term friendships, these clients trust these strangers with their ridesharing app accounts. Big mistake!

Never, ever, trust an intoxicated stranger with your ridesharing accounts. Unless you find inspiration walking and/or returning back to your taxi days, be sure to protect your personal account at all cost. Even so, requesting rides for irresponsible friends can jeopardize the status of your ride account.

An Uber recently picked up a female rider and another girl the driver assumed was her friend. During this ride, the Uber account holder admitted that she didn't know this girl riding upfront. She asked if she could split the cost of this ride. Upon arriving to the client's home, she anticipated that this girl would request the Uber driver to get a ride from there, back home.

Between pickup and drop-off, the girl riding along as a stranger peed on the front seat. This Uber driver never had any trips where any rider urinated inside the car. To top this off, the girl wasn't that drunk. This says a lot about the future of this girl. She lacked any decency to tell the driver to pull over and use the restroom. The moment she peed on this seat, her dignity went out the door.

Account holders inviting strangers into their rides are responsible for their actions. If these riders make a mess, the main account is responsible for the cleaning cost. Don't make the mistake of inviting a random person into your ride. Uber won't hesitate to charge your account for the cost of cleaning. It will be charged to your account on file. Beware of strangers you don't know. Protect your ride account.