Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why is my driver driving everywhere but to my PICKUP ADDRESS?

A client requests a ride to their pickup address. For some unknown reason, this driver may drive in circles, go in another direction, and/or sit parked at their acceptance spot. Nevertheless, clients may also see "On Trip" on above app header without ever getting a ride. What is the deal with my driver?

There are a few reasons that drivers choose to delay your pickups. These drivers are trying to influence cancellations, which is a shady process we frown upon. Terrible, terrible, terrible!

If clients cancel trips after 5 minutes, they will pay a cancellation fee. Clients are unable to move forward; they can't request another trip until an open ride is closed out. Some drivers make it tough for clients to claim their ride. It is highly likely these drivers know how take to advantage of their riders. If you notice a driver delaying your pickup for more than 4 minutes, cancel them to avoid a fee. 

Why do drivers drive in circles to frustrate me? Drivers know their riders will eventually cancel these delayed trips to earn them money. This practice is unethical, performed in a way to put riders in an unfavorable position. Should I cancel for a fee? Ask driver to cancel for me? Either way, this driver is wasting my time and costing me extra money. In the end, I don't get a quick ride to my destination.

Another problem occurs when drivers stay put without moving an inch. Despite this action, clients wait too long to call their drivers. They request an ETA beyond the 5 minute window. By this time, clients grow weary of waiting and choose to cancel their trips.

Uncertain your driver will move their vehicle? Call and ask them for ride status at around the 3 minute mark. There are times the previous rider may still require assistance to walk up the steps, unload groceries and help in another manner. Good drivers are willing to help their clients out.

Back-to-back trips hook drivers to multiple rides, keeping them from using the restroom at their most vulnerable time. It is a useful feature when drivers are in good shape to increase their production. However, drivers need a disable function to stop back-to-back ride connections without getting penalized for ignoring ride requests during promotions. Your driver may be sitting in place for this reason, a likely scenario to explain their actions.

When clients call, the GPS resets. If UberPool is in motion, another ride request can be arriving. Your action will complicate accepting this second or third client. It delays the pickup process because it is tough for drivers to shift between phone calls and navigation. As you may know, most drivers use their personal phones to perform ridesharing services. You calling multiple times can block them.

Moral drivers will cancel as "Do Not Charge Rider" within a few minutes or less. They may be tired, out of gas, and/or need a restroom break. Remember this, your drivers are not robots with unlimited driving potential. Do you work non-stop at your job? Probably not. Give your driver the benefit of the doubt. Respect their dedication to offer their personal vehicles to drive you around.

With multiple fare cuts, cost of gas, repairs, maintenance cost, these drivers don't earn nearly as much as you assume. There are drivers who've endured major losses performing ride services. 

Drivers have a reason for cancelling your trips. They don't have access to your destination. Your short trips take too long. Between accepting your ride, traveling to retrieve you, waiting at your pickup address, you setting wrong addresses and dropping pins far away, and your short trip, drivers make far less than minimum wage driving you. It is true. 30 minutes invested with your trip earn them only $4. How do you think these drivers make money? Should they be driving for a few dollars an hour? Would you do it?

There many no-show clients. These clients order rides and don't show up. They confirm their ride with driver, agreeing to wait for this pickup. At pickup address, the client cancels this trip. After drivers choose to drive 30-55 minutes, these clients have no moral decency to cancel ahead of time. After 2 gallons of gas, an hour of lost time, and being taken out of a busy area, your driver has a reason to be mad. No wonder drivers get tired of misinformed clients.

Clients game the system requesting and cancelling trip multiple times. They use strategies to get out of surge pricing. If you are unsure whether you will take a ride, just wait until you are ready. Your driver is missing out on valuable trips playing your games.

The compensation to take San Francisco trips originating from the East Bay influence drivers on promotions. If and when drivers are taken out San Francisco, they must travel back to the East Bay without affecting their trip origination percentage. It costs your driver a lot of money to take your SF trips. There is way more to see your destination ahead of greeting you.

Your drivers don't want these SF trips during East Bay promotions. They get disqualified from promotions since SF riders will keep requesting them. Their trip origination percentage will fall below the requested 67% of trips that must start in the East Bay. Some riders show good moral standards to request trips to BART rather than take a ride into SF. We can't expect riders to understand their actions affect driver earnings. They really don't care.

Waiting time sitting in traffic is useless. No driver cares about making an extra 15-20 cents per minute. These drivers are interested in completing surged rides at higher prices. They want to complete as many trips as possible without investing too much time into long pickups.

In the East Bay and South Bay, these spread out regions result in longer pickup times. In a dense region such as San Francisco, busy times translate into quicker pickup times. Less time is devoted to make pickups, thus wasting time and money on cheap trips.

While on an East Bay promotion, drivers want to stay put in this region until the end. If your SF trip arrives in the last hour, drivers are cool with driving you. It is your early trips, around the beginning and middle of promotions, that complicate driver earnings.

We understand that some drivers are terrible. They start trips early to see your destination. They don't pick you up. They cancel on you to make money. They call you to request a destination and cancel the moment you tell them a location they want to avoid. It may appear to be all about money to some drivers, but there are cool drivers who care about you. Don't assume all drivers are trying to frustrate you. 

You may see higher cancellations during busy times. Drivers must make decisions that make them sustainable. If all drivers struggle to stay on the road, you will have to settle for a taxi/cab again. Ridesharing companies will eventually go out of business without their experienced drivers.

We must account for technical issues that complicate trips. In-app is highly useful on pickups; however, drivers experience app challenges on routes which clients believe are increasing their cost. Most drivers are uninterested in driving you further to make a few extra dollars. They want to complete many trips to accomplish weekly goals.

Have a questionable fee on your rider account? Request rider support to remove this fee. Just know this; most drivers won't put you in a bad position to lose money. Happy ridesharing!