Thursday, May 05, 2016

Uber production has vastly improved

Ever since Uber launched Power Driver Plus back in mid-February, we haven't heard any plans for Uber drivers to go on strike. Uber drivers appear happy reaching trip milestones that are attached with bonuses. Uber production has vastly improved, as millions of trips were completed during this promotional period. We believe Power Driver Plus is helping East Bay Uber drivers to survive.

It makes sense to continue featuring this Power Driver Plus program. Uber drivers have the freedom to get on the road and make this extra bonus. In this way, Uber keeps an ample supply of drivers on the road at all times. East Bay riders are possibly using UberPool at a higher percentage than San Francisco riders.

What we've noticed between the two regions: San Francisco UberPool riders are always ready before the driver pulls up to make a pickup and East Bay UberPool riders are rarely ready. San Francisco riders request pickups at the right addresses. East Bay riders wait until 5 minutes later to notify drivers they are at another location.

In comparing these two regions, East Bay riders are infamous for dropping the pin further away from their exact location. They get confused about how UberPool works. They blame the Uber platform for bad pin drops, rather than input an exact address, two street corners and/or landmarks to help drivers locate them. East Bay riders need a lesson on how to request an Uber.

Rating drivers poorly for rider mistakes is a passive system. Drivers must deal with the consequences following bad ratings and poor feedback. Uber drivers deserve better than this poor treatment. Riders should accept accountability for their mistakes. Don't punish drivers for using their personal vehicles to drive you around. If you don't know yet, Uber doesn't own any of the vehicles that transport you.

In San Francisco, drivers face transporting highly intoxicated riders who are prone to vomiting. When these vomit episodes occur, drivers will lose valuable driving time. If they plan to make bill money, a vomit event could dash their hopes. Riders assume drivers are happy with receiving a $200 compensation for vomiting in their ride. However, it is the driver who has to scoop up these nasty, smelly chunks. Maybe riders would change their actions if they had to clean their mess.

Flash alert: Uber drivers don't want your $200. If you can't hold your liquor, don't request an Uber.

Uber made a major move to launch Power Driver Plus. For Uber drivers with 2011 and after vehicles, they are rewarded after completing trip milestones. Uber drivers are now focusing on completing trips instead of organizing strikes. There is no time to complain about Uber, especially when this ride giant is handing out extra earnings to compensate drivers for low fares. Uber drivers enjoy this Power Driver Plus program. They hope Uber keeps featuring this weekly incentive.

Two thumbs up Uber for matching Lyft in weekly driver incentives.