Thursday, May 26, 2016

Most drivers do basic service

Performing basic services involve accepting a ride request, making a pickup and dropping-off clients/riders at destinations. It is the basic service riders expect of their drivers. Most drivers do basic service and expect top stars from riders. What about the small percentage of drivers who deliver top service?

How many 5 stars have you handed out? As a rider, you probably submit 5 stars often. There is nothing wrong with rating all drivers 5 stars. Giving your drivers low stars for talking to you and/or for you reaching a destination late for requesting a ride late can lead hard working drivers to future deactivation.   

What if you get an outstanding driver? A driver that is obviously a tier above the rest. Do you regret handing out 5 stars to rude drivers? Quality drivers perform great service because you deserve the best. 

In a past Uber ride, a Lyft rider couldn't let go of the poor service her Lyft driver delivered to her in a previous trip. She kept hounding her friends, telling them she can't believe this driver talked down on her. This drivers refused to drop her off at the right destination. She still avoided submitting low stars. She didn't want to impact this driver. He got 5 stars. 

Is it right to protect bad drivers but submit low stars to harm nice drivers? For some reason, riders are counterproductive in rating their drivers. They submit high stars for bad rides. However, these same riders will submit low stars when a nice driver talks to them, drives at speed limit and for showing up a block away since the ridesharing app plots the wrong address. 

What kind of world do we live in? We punish nice people. We overlook bad people. Get a bad ride? Submit the right stars. Have a nice driver? Give them 5 stars. This is a simple process to be fair. Don't worry if a bad driver has a high score. They deserve low stars for mistreating you. This driver won't know if you submit low stars. 

The next time you want to submit low stars, make sure this driver deserves this score. Nice drivers who take pride in driving you around have been rated poorly by so many rude riders. It seems these riders overlook quality service for their mistakes. They make mistakes, but defer accountability to drivers. It doesn't make any sense. 

Meanwhile, bad drivers are saved because riders refuse to impact their scores. Just know this; these bad drivers won't hesitate to rate you low. Their actions may impact your ability to get a driver. Think about it. Give bad drivers, those who complain about their ride company and don't treat you with respect, low stars. It is up to these drivers to shape up or get low ratings. 

Happy Ridesharing!