Monday, May 30, 2016

It's not your ride, Please Exit!

Why are some Uber clients unable to follow simple directions? Uber drivers receive ride requests from clients. They accept many ride requests daily. Unfortunately, drivers must deal with tough clients.

In order for these drivers to make money, they must complete trips. When an Uber driver pulls up, just know their income depends on driving the right rider. If it's not your ride, please exit!

An Uber driver shared that he arrived at a pickup location. He already talked to his client on the phone. They arranged the pickup location. Another client and his girlfriend walked into car. They confirmed their name upon arrival, even going as far as agreeing with the destination address. However, the real client called again and mentioned his trip had started and asked if the driver was still there.

The entire situation unraveled when the Uber driver asked the client if they were the client shown on the app screen. This client said the driver said his name, which was absolutely wrong. The driver never said this name, obviously showing this client didn't care what Uber he jacked. Instead of doing the right thing, this client and his girlfriend refused to exit the vehicle.

What does this client not understand? It was not his ride. It was not his driver. The driver requested his driver's name, which was a completely different name. The girlfriend refused to be driven by another driver. She told her boyfriend to check the license plate, because she knows for a fact this was their ride. They occupied this vehicle, debating that this driver should drive them. Sorry, it doesn't work this way.

What part of right rider does this client and his girlfriend not understand? He is not the rider. This driver is not his driver. The name of client and drive name don't match. Simple facts, right? Not in this case. These are the type of people drivers must deal with on a daily basis. Most clients are seasoned riders, but some complicate the process. Luckily, this driver stood firm on driving his real client. He protected the Uber for his client.

No driver wants to drive the wrong rider. These clients fail to understand the impact of making the wrong rider mistake. It is obvious the right client will cancel the ride, rate a "1" star and submit negative feedback. Meanwhile, the driver must figure out if this wrong client will request him so there can be a fare review to get paid for the ride.

Some clients are irresponsible for choosing to give Uber drivers a hard time. How about becoming an Uber driver? Can you last a day dealing with people like yourself? Probably not. Stop harassing drivers!

The client refusing to exit has no clue how Uber works. It is not a taxi. All riders are connected with their drivers, which means that a future rider can take their Uber and charge their credit card. For those who do operate in this manner, please understand Uber drivers can't drive the wrong rider. Moreover, please exit a vehicle that is not yours.

All Uber drivers own their vehicles, they are not employees, and don't have to drive you. Keep this in mind the next time you want to debate the wrong driver and refuse to exit a ride not yours.

The Uber driver never mentioned the client's name. This wrong client tried to manipulate the situation by making up lies about this driver saying this was his ride. Once names didn't match, this client still refused to accept the truth. He continued to badger the driver. His girlfriend requested him to check the license plate. They knew their driver's name. The ride and driver were not theirs. Why not exit the ride? Entitled riders treat Uber drivers poorly because the rating system empowers them.

Get one of these riders? Politely tell them to please exit the vehicle. If they refuse to leave, tell them this ride is not yours and you must wait for your driver. Still giving you a tough time? Just sit there. Don't engage in any conflict. If they threaten you, call the police. Simple process. Teach these clients a lesson on following simple instructions.