Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Worth losing 5 years of your life making more money now?

You probably heard of Uber. This technology giant is the trendiest way to request a ride to any destination. Uber is the coolest way to travel. Open app, set location, request pickup, monitor activity, and take ride to destination. Once trip is completed, this affordable ride is billed to your stored credit card. Using Uber is as easy as 1-2-3.

Uber has taken secondary meaning, referred by many as taking an "Uber" instead of a typical car service. Low cost UberX and UberPool are quickly replacing taxi and cab services. Uber clients are shifting their daily travel plans to Uber's lower cost UberX and UberPool. As a result of this growing demand, Uber drivers are enjoying this ride service as an awesome way to earn money.

Uber drivers enjoy flexibility, convenience, weekly direct deposits, access to car purchase and leasing programs, gas card, and perks attached to trip milestones. Aside from convenience and earning potential, performing ridesharing services can have its drawbacks.

Before taking the next step to become an Uber driver, you need to know that driving too many hours and not taking care of yourself is a recipe for future health problems. Most people assume driving people around is simple. It is much harder than you think.

Sitting jobs are toxic to your health. The more you sit, the less you move. Circulation problems could derail your health. Restroom breaks are hard to take since there are constant ride requests. You can possibly develop kidney problems and UTI's. In order to reduce restroom breaks, some may avoid drinking liquids. This is another major health concern, as reducing fluid intake may lead to dehydration and other health conditions. Take care of your health. If you abuse your health, you won't last that long as an Uber driver.

Are you willing to earn several times as much money right now? Is driving worth reducing your lifespan by 5 years? Because if you drive long hours to make money, you risk deteriorating your health like your vehicle. This is the cold hard truth, which none of the ridesharing companies will share with you. Don't make the mistake of cheating your future to make a few dollars. It is not worth sacrificing your health to make decent income at this moment. In the end, you will suffer debilitating health issues.

Plan your driving accordingly. Take your breaks. Don't stay on the road for long hours. If you feel tired, complete your last trip and shut the app down immediately. Need to use the restroom? Finish your last trip and go offline. If you get another ride request, ignore it. Already accepted this request and can't wait to use restroom? Cancel ride within a minute to give client enough time to submit another request. Go to the nearest restroom to empty your bladder. Be responsible with your health. You are the one who will suffer in the long run. Focus on building a plan that works best for you.

Never fall into the trap thinking that you will always make good money with Uber. Use Uber as a stepping stone to accomplish bigger and better opportunities. As competition grows, fares will continue to drop to all-time lows. When this happens, you will drive far more hours to make much less.

At one time, drivers could earn more driving 10 hours than they do driving 30 hours. The ridesharing landscape has drastically changed, so you must drive more hours to match past earnings.

Would you risk 5 years of your life to make several times more money now? Ask yourself this question before you get on the road with Uber. If you formulate a good plan, you will succeed as an Uber driver. While on the road, think about your health. Don't sacrifice your health to earn money. Make adjustments to keep healthy and maintain sustainability. Happy driving!

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