Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What? No TNC on Left Turns?

The city of San Francisco expects 37,000 TNC drivers to pay $91 annually for a business license. This list of TNC operators probably include many drivers who don't perform services in San Francisco.

The City Treasurer doesn't care to verify these facts before having his secretary/team send out compliance letters. He refuses to share how he got a hold of this list of Uber drivers and Lyft drivers. 

San Francisco is thus exposing the privacy of drivers to the general public. Next up: the privacy of riders may be released to the public.

Too bad San Francisco prohibits TNC vehicles from making left turns. It is a standard traffic rule in San Francisco to restrict some left turns to the public. For the most part, ridesharing drivers are restricted from making left turns. If these ridesharing drivers turn left, they will be issued citations for breaking city traffic laws. 

Are TNC a taxi service or not? If TNC must comply with San Francisco, they deserve to make left turns. Prohibiting left turns block ridesharing drivers from giving quality ride services. It increases the cost of trips, decreases driver earnings, and causes traffic congestion. 

Open up restricted left turns to TNC vehicles.