Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Uber driver returned bag to blind client

Uber lost & found policy is rather weak. Their support team are, at times, unable to locate clients who leave behind personal possessions. They expect drivers to exhaust their resources to return these lost items. However, this team lack insight in following-up with clients and drivers on making quicker returns. A better lost and found system could speed up the return process.

An Uber driver took the initiative to make a special return. He drove a few disabled (blind) clients to their home address. Upon approaching this destination, a back-to-back trip request arrived. This driver accepted the trip request, walked these disabled clients to their gate door, returned back to his vehicle, and then drove to retrieve his next client.

This Uber driver found a bag his client left behind. He contacted Uber Support (US) about this lost item, taking multiple pictures and writing a summary. US responded back the next day, thanking this driver for being professional. On the opposing side, US reminded this driver to inspect the backseat next time. They requested the driver to schedule delivery of this lost item.

After a few weeks, the client never contacted their previous driver.  Luckily, the driver remembered picking-up these clients at a fast food restaurant. This couple shared that this location is their favorite spot to visit at night. The Uber driver contacted the fast food location to request help: he left his name and phone number. But after a week, the driver never received a phone call.

This past week, on a Friday night, the driver drove to this restaurant to speak with management. He approached the door, quickly noticing the client's friend walking to a table with food. Finally, this Uber driver could return the lost item to his past client.

It took making a valiant effort, without the help of Uber, to return this lost item. As an Uber driver, empower yourself to return personal belongings. Your clients will appreciate you!

Uber on!