Monday, April 18, 2016

Power Rewards Restored Driver Confidence

Uber drivers rediscovered their earning potential with Power Rewards. For 9 weeks after Christmas, drivers working the East Bay of Northern California struggled to earn money. Fares dropped so low that driving with Uber made no sense. However, the top ride service company introduced Power Rewards to restore confidence back into their drivers.

Power rewards and Power Rewards Plus offer merit rewards, attaching bonuses to trip milestones. Drivers who complete at least 80 trips and greater than 100 trips receive 10 percent and 20 percent of overall fares (in that order), as a bonus.

After a month of Power Rewards, Uber introduced Power Rewards Plus to accommodate part-time and full-time drivers who own and/or lease newer vehicles. Given promotional requirements, Power Rewards Plus is now rewarding drivers through trip milestones:
  •  30 trips: $50
  •  50 trips: $100
  •  80 trips: $225
  • 100 trips: $350
  • 120 trips: $500
Uber is motivating their drivers to complete trips. This rewards program is returning past earnings, compensating drivers after multiple fare reductions lowered trip cost and increased travel time and distance. Currently, most drivers drove 15 hours to earn what once took 5-6 hours of work to do.  These drivers are working much harder, completing a high number of trips. Fortunately, Power Rewards bridged this gap to help drivers recover from low earnings post-holiday season.  

In 2013, trips originating from outer Sunset and outer Richmond districts paid drivers $35. However, multiple fare reductions expanded borders to pay drivers only $35 from Rodeo and Hayward, California. Instead of traveling within the city of San Francisco, riders can take much longer trips for much less.

An Uber driver shared that he completed a downtown San Jose to downtown San Francisco that took 70 minutes for $42 after fees. In 2013, this trip paid $190. A Palo Alto to San Francisco trip once paid $90. If this same trip originated from Palo Alto and ended in San Francisco, it would cost $38 today.

The freedom to work whenever and wherever inspire drivers to keep on earning fares with convenience and flexibility. As soon as Uber launches instant pay, this program can/will increase productivity. In the meantime, Power Rewards and Power Rewards Plus continue to reward drivers for their hard work and loyalty.

Uber on!