Friday, April 15, 2016

Opt out of San Francisco trips

San Francisco City Treasurer Jose Cisneros is expecting all ridesharing drivers to obtain a business license to operate in San Francisco, per SF Gate. This recent news is seriously bad for the ride industry.

The city of San Francisco is turning the tables on ridesharing companies, taking aim at Uber and Lyft for refusing to claim their drivers as company employees. Cisneros is requesting this list of ridesharing drivers, well into the thousands, to pay $91 annually to operate in San Francisco. Furthermore, the City Treasurer is demanding these drivers to make back payments for previous years driven. 

San Francisco is taking advantage of minimum wage workers. As low as the fares are in present time, one-third of taxi fares, the city of San Francisco's attempt to reclassify ridesharing drivers as independent contractor's and business owners should give these drivers' rights.  

How about designating additional loading zones? Your Parking Enforcement team are motivated to issue tickets/citations to ridesharing drivers making pickups and drop-offs. They won't compromise, showing a lack of respect. These parking enforcement officers are petty with writing tickets. There is no effective way to avoid these high risk areas without your city designating spots to make timely pickups and drop-offs. As you may not know, riders pressure drivers to make these risky pickups and drop-offs.

San Francisco business owners refuse to allow ridesharing drivers access to their restrooms at night. The most common excuse is their business is closed, but they still remain open for customers. They use the homeless problem as the primary reason to block access to these restrooms. Please work with San Francisco businesses to provide restrooms to paying customers. It is unfair to demand a business license, but allow terrible working conditions to linger on in your dark city. 

San Francisco is the worst city in the nation to drive in. Poor road conditions, displaced sewage drains on Market Street and Mission, and deep potholes continue to damage many ridesharing vehicles daily. These vehicles sustain major damage in your city: blown out shocks, suspension damage, damaged brakes, worn out tires, broken axles, and other damage.  

The city of San Francisco only allow buses and taxis to make left turns on Mission and Market. Ridesharing drivers are prohibited from making these illegal turns. Your city designates red lanes for buses and taxis. Any ridesharing driver driving in red lanes get cited for breaking traffic laws. Taxis are permitted to make drop-offs designated for their business, but ridesharing drivers have no reserved areas. These unfortunate drivers are issued tickets when they park in taxi zones. 

At SFO, all ridesharing vehicles are charged $4 per trip. SFO takes advantage of this airport fee to charge all UberPool account holders a $4 fee. One Uber vehicle enters SFO, but $4 per trip is charged against the driver. With three active UberPool trips in one vehicle, SFO is receiving $12. This action should be prohibited, as this is unethical to double and triple dip into fees.  

SFO restricts all ridesharing drivers from entering arrivals. There is no designated pickup area for riders. Drivers must arrange pickup at departures. San Francisco is supposed to lead by example; however, this city can't figure out how to manage their airport operations. Oakland Airport is ahead of the game; they designate a section for all riders to wait until pickup. San Francisco, quit being backwards and adopt forward-thinking to improve ridesharing operations. 

You want your $91 per year from all ridesharing drivers. As a result of this annual fee, you make money ($3,367,000 million annually) and do nothing to deserve these funds. Your Parking Enforcement team target ridesharing drivers, issuing tickets on petty infractions. They turn a blind eye to taxis. 

Ridesharing drivers will gladly pay $91 per year for a business license if you fix the slew of problems in your city. Jaywalkers continue to cross intersections during busy times. Your aggressive MTA drivers show no courtesy on the road. They run red lights, speed, and cut drivers off. Muni drivers are some of the worst machine operators, usually honking a storm at motorists without a care in the world.

Ridesharing drivers will gladly opt out of all San Francisco trips. It is not worth driving in your city because poor driving conditions abuse drivers and their vehicles. There are many other cities who are willing to welcome ridesharing, thanking drivers for providing a safe service. 

Without improving working conditions in San Francisco, you don't deserve $91 annually. Ridesharing drivers should have the right to opt out of San Francisco trips. Your city can't seem to get their act together. We shouldn't pay for subpar conditions that put drivers and riders at high risk. 

A list of San Francisco problems to repair: 
  1. Open businesses providing customer service must offer restroom access to night drivers making purchases (i.e. Safeway on 16th and Bryant lock restrooms at night, but are open for business 24 hours). 
  2. SFO to stop charging $8-$12 per UberPool vehicle with 2-3 Uber clients. One fee per vehicle entering SFO. No double and triple dipping. 
  3. Permit ridesharing drivers to make left turns designated for taxis and buses. 
  4. Allow Market Street pickups and drop-offs in designated passenger zones. 
  5. Allow ridesharing drivers to drive in red lanes reserved for taxis and buses. 
  6. Designate additional passenger loading zones for ridesharing drivers to make safe pickups and drop-offs. 
  7. Work with parking enforcement and law enforcement to accommodate drivers. Ridesharing drivers are not in business to accumulate citations. 
Ridesharing drivers will gladly pay $91 per year, making your city $3,367,000 million in revenue per year, if you improve working conditions in San Francisco. Your city is responsible for many drivers experiencing financial problems. As mentioned above, drivers experience poor working conditions driving in your city. Reach out and fix these problems. 

If you want $91 per year, extend rights to help ridesharing drivers prosper. Otherwise, ridesharing drivers should have a right to opt out of all SF trips. We don't need San Francisco to earn fares. We can work anywhere we prefer. San Francisco is lucky ridesharing drivers work there. It is not a right for riders, it is a privilege drivers offer using their personal vehicle. We don't have to drive in SF. 

It is too risky to operate in San Francisco without city support. The people who will suffer most are your residents, because their dependence on ridesharing is due to unreliable public transportation and poor taxi services. Earn your $91 per driver fee.