Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Lost and Found

Lost and found is a challenge to resolve. Uber clients use Uber services daily. They also leave behind their personal items. It is important for drivers to check the back seat and on the ground. If clients are in a hurry, then it is hard to inspect vehicles.

For the most part, clients are on a time crunch and don't have a free moment to wait for drivers to search  for their personal possessions. Moreover, ride requests arrive too quickly and this keeps most drivers in motion.

Drivers are only given 20 minutes after a trip ends to call their past rider. If drivers accept a new ride request, this window of contact closes. However, clients can still contact their Uber drivers while on another trip.

Clients can generate phone numbers to call past drivers. We believe this option is available on the bottom of the trip history page.

Most drivers will contact Uber Support via their driver app to report lost items. They can take pictures of lost items and write a small summary. This action helps Uber connect with rider and arrange delivery of their personal possessions.

Lost and found is a high priority issue. Clients leave behind many personal items. Nevertheless, some clients assume they left behind personal items and will call drivers to request them.

Drivers who locate these personal items should have the option to use trip history to contact riders. They must rely on a slow and inefficient Uber Support system to coordinate contact and delivery.

An Uber driver is still trying to deliver a bag left behind by a disabled client he helped walk to their gate. The reason this bag was left behind is because this client requested help and another ride request arrived fairly fast. Too many opposing forces go against lost and found.

A good start is to empower drivers to coordinate delivery. Clients have the ability to contact drivers. Why not drivers? Easy solution!