Monday, April 11, 2016

Leaving trash behind in Uber cars and more...

Uber is a car service designed to help people get rides on-demand via smartphone. Entitled riders assume Uber owns the vehicles that drive them, which complicates this discussion. Point stated: independent contractors who provide ride services own their vehicles. 

Uber claimed secondary meaning like taxis and a cabs have held since the old days. In this new era of transportation, Uber is replacing the need to wait for rides. With this new technology, riders are getting spoiled.

They treat drivers like fast food workers. Talk down on drivers who use their personal vehicles to drive them for low fares. They leave a mess behind because they are over privileged. Really!? Should drivers accept this treatment? 

Uber clients rate drivers low, knowing this action can lead to future deactivation. They take advantage of ride platforms, pressuring drivers to hurry up and speed. They demand drivers to show urgency in transporting them to destinations. All of this makes ridesharing a challenge to perform.

Imagine what drivers must deal with on a daily basis. Some riders care, some riders don't care. 

Would you walk into a stranger's home and disrespect them? Throw trash on their floor? Use their bathroom without permission? Why do riders enter vehicles owned by drivers with poor attitudes?

Riders leave their trash behind. FYI, leaving behind trash is common among riders. A recent rider drank two waters and left these empty bottles on the seat--opened and spilling.

An Uber client who hooked up with this girl ordered the Uber to get her home. He can thank this girl for dropping his overall rating. Because of this girl leaving her mess behind on the seat, this client may struggle to receive future ride requests. Good for him trusting a disrespectful person.

Uber drivers have power, too. They show respect for their riders. But for the most part, drivers can rate their clients the way they deserve. Why give clients 5 stars for vomiting? 5 stars for making a mess? Entitled riders are a curse to ride platforms. 

Uber drivers need to flex their power to shape up riders. Cancel riders who appear overly drunk. Cancel riders as no-shows after waiting 5 minutes. Rate a client low for leaving behind any mess. Watch out ending trips after starting them. Uber won't change any bad scores clients unfairly submit. 

Unfortunately, Uber doesn't seem interested in protecting their drivers from rider abuse. When Uber drivers report ride behavior, the ride platform responds many weeks later. Uber doesn't care whether their riders make it tough for drivers to survive. Drivers must protect their partnership with Uber.

The worst mistake an Uber driver can make is driving the wrong client. Don't ever do this. Most riders are not as forgiving as we want them to be. Verify client name and destination before moving forward. Clients will cancel trips without driving them, and rate 1 star. Watch out!

Leaving behind gum wrappers, plastic cups holding alcohol, plastic bottles, whiskey bottles, fast food, and other items disrespect Uber drivers and their personal vehicles. Show some class Uber clients!