Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Don't pickup just anyone

Uber drivers are potential targets on the road. Know this: Many shady people with bad intentions pose as innocent people requesting help. The moment drivers let their guard down, these bad people will take advantage of the situation. Please don't become a statistic.

Unfortunately, bad people do exist. Their primary goal is to get ahead without doing any heavy lifting. Since drivers are on the road often, they represent a hot prospect for criminals to swoop in on them.

Where do these bad people hang out? We see these bad people hang out at gas stations, at shopping centers, outside of malls, at restaurants, and at retail stores. The most common place to find criminals, who try to prey on innocent people, is at gas stations.

Beware of these people asking for easy handouts and/or help with gas. They approach random people, usually telling them a sappy story about leaving their wallet at home. Don't believe these lies.

No person dressed nice or driving an expensive car is broke. They want people to believe them. As soon as you pull out your wallet, dig into your pockets and/or go into your car, you expose yourself to danger. Furthermore, these people just want quick cash to pad their pockets.

Most of the time, while on the road, you have to put your guard up. It is not that you don't care, you are protecting yourself from shady people trying to score on you. Play defense to block these shots at stealing what you work hard to make daily. These shady people can/will steal from you.

The best tip we can give you is never drive any random person off the platform. If these people ask for a ride, tell them you have to make a pickup and can't help them. If you make the mistake to drive these people, you take a big risk that something may happen to you. Moreover, this person can set you up to drive to a particular location and steal your vehicle.

No matter how nice this person behaves, don't believe them. If they are telling the truth, it is not up to you to give them a ride. Unless these people use a ride sharing app, don't trust them. Just move on and focus on driving paying riders to their destinations. It is better to be safe than sorry.

Safe driving!