Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Worst UberPool connection

An East Bay Uber client initiated an UberPool trip. A second rider joined the UberPool to take a short ride to work. It was the third trip connection that made no sense.

Once the UberPool entered the Bay Bridge, a third connection arrived from Emeryville. This is the moment UberPool made no sense in connecting this rider. It expected the UberPool to re-route into heavy traffic heading into East Bay/I-80 East at 10:00am.

Instead of sending this UberPool request out to another driver, UberPool attempted to link up with this ride the moment it entered the Bay Bridge I-580/I-80 West ramp. It showed a funky route, consisting of many twists and turns. The GPS doesn't account for traffic time. In order to make sense, this UberPool request should have arrived far before the vehicle entered the Bay Bridge.

The Uber driver canceled this trip within seconds. This is one of the worst UberPool connections ever! It would have re-routed the current UberPool trip into extreme traffic and into Emeryville at the busiest time. As a result of this, the first client would have spent far more for her trip cost and waited another 30-40+ minutes to enter San Francisco.

UberPool has a long way to go. It doesn't make best use of its technology to properly connect riders on the best routes. Sometimes, the UberPool process is seamless. At times, ride connections are mind-boggling to accept.