Tuesday, March 15, 2016

We will cancel you if you don't move away from bus zones, bus stops, and no parking curbs

Ridesharing drivers are not in the business of getting tickets. If you don't respect your driver enough to avoid requesting pickups and refusing to move away from bus zones, you will get canceled.

Ridesharing drivers refuse to keep paying for citations because their incompetent riders stand in front of bus zones. We won't play your games anymore. 

How many times have drivers received expensive tickets after their riders refuse to move? It happens often enough to become a problem, a major issue with no resolution up to this point. 

Stop being lazy riders and move to a safe pickup zone and/or near another parked vehicle. Quit standing next to red zones. Have some respect and think what you would do picking up family members, friends, and co-workers. 

Would you park in a "No Parking" and/or "Bus Zone" to make this pickup? If you lack the patience and intelligence to do this, you will get cited fast. 

The next time you request a ride and stand in a bus zone, in a red lane, at a no parking zone, you will get canceled and reported to Uber. 

Uber drivers deserve better treatment. When drivers try their best to perform a good service, riders give them low stars for passing them up. How about showing some damn respect? 

You riders put your drivers in bad situations. Drivers get expensive tickets based on your lack of action. If Uber would show some courage, they should suspend riders from using their service. Give riders something to ponder on for influencing their drivers to get tickets. 1 report: 1 week suspension. 2 reports: 2 weeks. 3 reports: 3 weeks. 4 reports: 1 month. 5 reports: 1 year. 6 reports: permanent deactivation from Uber.

Too bad Uber favors their clients too much to take any serious action. Uber doesn't care about their drivers. All Uber focuses on is becoming a ride giant. They forget their drivers make it possible for their company to stay relevant. Clients can manipulate drivers and get off the hook. Drivers would get deactivated if they reciprocated the attitudes of their clients.

Stop penalizing drivers for canceling trips a minute or less after a request. Uber uses scare tactics to control their drivers. If you don't consider your drivers company employees, don't penalize them for canceling high risk clients. No-shows, wrong address, too many riders, and other issues are obvious grounds for cancellation. 

Today, is the day, that drivers need to take a stand and cancel rides, if clients refuse to move away from red curbs. Pass the riders up and go into the white zone. The moment these clients start pointing at their pickup spot, with red on the curb, cancel them. These riders will get you tickets and rate you low.  

Drivers are providing riders a professional service. Stop making their lives miserable for your failure to follow the rules. Step away from red zones, bus lanes, no parking zones. 

Think for once that your attitudes are impacting your drivers. No more playing your games. You will get canceled if you stand at a bus stop. When buses pull in, they have cameras. Your actions are jeopardizing your drivers. You don't change your ways because you don't think beyond yourselves.

Selfish riders are a cancer to ridesharing. They will get drivers deactivated for minor mistakes. However, these riders make constant mistakes to harm their drivers. 

Uber should be punishing clients who cause drivers to get tickets. We see riders standing at bus zones and requesting drop-offs near red zones. Uber drivers can't make these pickups and drop-offs. If parking enforcement is petty with writing citations, then drivers can also be inflexible with canceling riders. 

Shape up or you won't get a ride!