Thursday, March 10, 2016

UberPool client sends his car back home

An UberPool client discussed with his co-rider that he no longer has any need to keep his vehicle in the Bay Area. He sent his car back home. Because there are too many transportation alternatives in San Francisco, this ridesharing user mentioned he doesn't have any use for his car.

What the Uber client shared about sending his car home resonates with Uber's mission. Uber is vying to recruit new riders and maintain existing business. This translates into daily usage of ridesharing services amid the popularity of selling cars to reduce monthly expenses.

The Uber client indicated that he would save on monthly parking, gas, and possible citations. He doesn't need to drive his own vehicle in San Francisco. Selling cars to use ridesharing services continue to shape the sharing landscape.

People rely on ride services to get around town. They use UberPool in the morning, in the afternoon, and at night. It is becoming the most popular service in San Francisco and now the East Bay is booming with thousands of UberPool requests. People are loving UberPool.

Uber wants UberPool users to sell their vehicles. Hopefully, Uber doesn't create a dependency on ridesharing and escalate prices once all players are squashed with price competition. Then, ridesharing users will regret selling their cars and relying too much on ridesharing services.

Uber has their UberX service to thank for keeping them in the discussion. In our opinion, Uber wouldn't be a leader in ridesharing without their popular UberX. The best decision Uber ever made was to launch UberX as a hybrid car service. Soon after, the next smart move was allowing a wide range of vehicles to join this ride service.

UberX drivers provide UberPool service. After Sidecar got pushed out, Uber took most of their carpool business. We hope Uber recognizes their UberX drivers as the saviors of their transportation network. Without UberX, they would just be another chauffeur service.

As a right now, Uber is a dominant leader in the transportation industry. There is nothing they can't do to become the primary service people choose to travel daily. UberPool is making this possible.

Special warning: think twice about selling your vehicles to depend on UberPool.