Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Uber drivers are not trying to milk your trip

East Bay riders know this, Uber drivers are trying their best to complete trips in a reasonable time. They are not interested in milking your trip to make pennies. That is the truth.

At $.15 per minute, Uber drivers won't make much extending your trip another 2 minutes. What these ridesharing drivers are interested in is receiving another ride request to boost their weekly earnings. The more trips, the better chance they have to make additional money.

East Bay fares have gone way down. There is no earning potential driving multiple UberPool riders to airports. As you may know, local airports charge $4 per rider. Every UberPool rider is counted as 1 trip. Transporting 3 UberPool clients to the airport will sink drivers. They've received a $4 cut after all fees are deducted from an airport trip. The closer an airport trip, less money drivers earn.

We hear of Uber clients complaining that their Uber drivers delay closing out trips a minute or two later. The reason they may be waiting to end trips because they have no privacy to properly rate their clients. How can drivers rate with clients watching the phone screen?

Clients pay close attention to phone screens, especially GPS. They also ask about their ratings. If a driver submitted a low rating, a rider will see this and may retaliate. Drives have a lot to lose. They can face possible deactivation receiving consistently low star ratings.

At a normal fare, most Uber drivers are uninterested in extending your trips. They have no interest sitting in traffic. They lose money when you enter a fast food drive-thru and request multiple stops. Airport trips lost their previous luster. Waiting time in the East Bay and South Bay have little value to drivers. These drivers would rather complete trips and move on.

The only milking we see are clients requesting multiple stops and running errands on UberX.