Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Uber driver got yelled at for opening a door for his client

Most Uber drivers don't open doors for their clients. It is common for them to sit and wait inside their vehicles for clients to enter rides. There is no standard policy to open doors; however, it is professional and courteous to provide this service. Clients deserve the best possible service.

One Uber driver has opened thousands of doors. He continues to open doors, even though clients tell him no I got it and/or you don't need to do that. This Uber driver tells his clients, "Please allow me to get the door for you". He believes this is the right thing to do.

Despite this Uber driver's professionalism, a Berkeley bartender yelled at him. This bartender assumed the driver was a passenger trying to steal his friend's ride. He aggressively shouted, "That is not your ride, move aside! Get away from that car, it is not your ride". Soon, this clueless bartender realized this guy standing next to a black Uber vehicle was in fact his friend's Uber driver.

Please show some class before you start yelling at Uber drivers for performing a valuable service. They don't have to drive you, they choose to drive you. There is more than enough ride requests, so they can pick and choose ride requests. If they feel a ride is potentially a problem, they can cancel trips.

To reiterate this fact; Uber drivers are not Uber employees. Uber reminds media outlets that Uber has no connection with Uber drivers. They draw a fine line between their employees and independent contractors who make their company possible.

Uber drivers are in agreement they can operate on Uber's ride platform for a commission and booking fee per trip completed. Uber can/will offer incentives for these drivers to drive at specific times, complete a specific number of trips and carry a minimum ride acceptance in the process.

Uber clients seem to forget that Uber drivers invest the time and use their cars to drive them. They talk down on Uber drivers as if they're Uber employees. Keep this in mind; your Uber drive doesn't have to drive you. Show some respect because they pay for all gas, expenses, and own their vehicles.

The next time you start yelling and harassing your driver, know this; these drivers can leave you right on that curb. You can wait for another Uber vehicle, which may be many miles away if you are taking trips in the East Bay during the waning night hours.

Would you keep driving a random person in your personal vehicle if they degrade you? Recite this in your mind the next time you disrespect your Uber driver.