Thursday, March 17, 2016

Should Uber drivers wait 2 minutes and move on?

An Uber driver has completed many UberPool trips. He introduced all his riders to one another, breaking the ice in a ride that could become awkward and uncomfortable. UberPool has a unique value, in a sense that people going into the same direction could connect and share a ride. Should Uber drivers wait for 2 minutes and quickly behind the connecting rider?

UberPool relies on clients being ready to take their trips. If these people are lagging like they do with UberX, UberPool is thus a rippling effect with little chance at success. The worst offenders of this carpooling service are late riders thinking they can request trips early and make the driver wait for them. It doesn't work this way on UberPool, as connecting riders are also waiting for riders to join. 

UberX allows for riders to take advantage of Uber drivers. However, Uber drivers could never get away with the attitudes of their entitled riders. Keep in mind, mostly all drivers own their vehicles and don't have to drive riders. They can easily cancel the ride and request the rider(s) to depart. It is their vehicle, and they don't work for Uber. Even though Uber sets the terms of conditions for all drivers to follow, they refuse to designate the meat of their company as employees. 

While shareholders of Uber and the most important part of their staff expand and grow, Uber drivers are left dealing with the most demanding riders. Drug use, open alcohol containers, impolite yelling, anti-social behavior, unwarranted touching of drivers via riders, and other problems are swept under the rug by Uber. They seem to toss the truth away, expecting drivers to keep driving with full bladders. These drivers must conform to a horrible back-to-back trip feature with no way to opt out. Furthermore, Uber drivers hope riders are fair with submitting good ratings which allows them to continue driving with Uber. 

To clear the air, Uber drivers should cancel UberPool clients that are unready to take their ride. Uber must stop warning drivers for canceling trips, when their poor features in UberX back-to-back trips and lack of filters - requesting driver to travel 30-60 minutes to make pickups they don't get paid to do while en route - are the reason drivers get the short end of the stick. 

Invest in a stop watch. Follow UberPool policies that riders who don't show up within 2 minutes will be canceled. The UberPool must move on with or without connecting riders. Uber expects their drivers to become driverless cars, never once mentioning anything about where night drivers can use restrooms. Either bathroom breaks cross their minds, or they just don't care enough about drivers to offer any suggestions. 

Uber clients make their drivers wait. They drop pins in the wrong places. Additionally, these riders ignore the call and text messaging feature to notify drivers or abuse this system to distract drivers attempting to pick them up. If riders would know that it is unsafe to keep calling their drivers, then they would show some courtesy and give drivers some ample time to reach them. 

Now, connecting UberPool riders can watch and learn how other Uber clients behave. It is a testament on the truth of ridesharing; what Uber drivers must deal with day-in, night-out. Uber drivers enjoy UberPool, mostly because they can cancel riders in 2 minutes and not receive a warning they are canceling at a higher rate than most Uber drivers. If Uber clients using UberPool don't show up in 2 minutes, they are canceled and the ride continues on. Simple process. 

Any Uber client acting up in trips should be canceled. They need to be taught a lesson that this car belongs to the Uber drivers; it is not a company car. Show some respect! Of course, Uber clients are petty with submitting low star ratings that Uber seems to ignore. Uber Support usually tells the driver not worry and they can receive future 5 stars. It doesn't work this way, since the majority of stars under 5 harm overall ratings. Once ratings sink and sink, Uber drivers are expected to attend a training course paid by them. Horrible policies dictate the fate of good Uber drivers. 

One Uber driver continues to provide the same great service, as usual. He scored 5.0 weeks, 4.99, 4.96, 4.95 and 4.94 weeks. In recent time, his overall rating took a steep dive from 4.90's to 4.80. It took 2 months to dip from 4.9 to below average of 4.8. Soon, this Uber driver will become a 4.7 driver. He has never reached this "below average" score ever. Keep in mind, this driver opens all doors, offers phone chargers, gives out gum and water, and talks to his riders. If his riders choose to be silent, he gives them the privacy they need. He returns all client items that are left behind, usually assuming the cost of driving to these riders without Uber's help. This Uber driver deserves better than this poor treatment. 

What UberPool is teaching Uber clients is that later riders, poor behavior, wrong addresses, and other setbacks on the Uber platform are put on full display. They now know that Uber clients block a steady flow of trips from moving on. Order the trip when you need it. Don't order and make your drivers wait. Don't penalize your drivers for not ending your trip the moment the wheels touch the destination. Know this; you make your drivers wait and know damn well they don't get paid to pick you up and to go en route to you.

How in the world can drivers accurately rate their clients? It is the most unintelligent approach to tell drivers that clients expect them to end trips quickly. What if they lag with departing the vehicle? As a result of their delay, the next rider is rushing the driver (calling and texting them to hurry up) to retrieve them. Once the driver reaches the next pickup address, that client is not ready to take the ride. It is a growing problem, something Uber ignores to protect their rider base and crap on the best drivers. How many 4.9 drivers have you taken that are the worst people? It seems that riders are too scared to submit low stars for high-rated bad drivers who deserve it. 

Instead, these riders punish the nice Uber drivers who care about them. These are drivers who open their doors, greet them, talk to them, give them access to everything in the car, and etc. It is raw deal to submit low stars to great drivers. Soon, these Uber clients will see karma face-to-face. They will regret hurting excellent drivers because all they will get is the worst crop of drivers. Want to get ignored? Get used to it! 

UberPool is an accountable platform that shows how clients behave. It puts their behavior on display. Finally, Uber drivers can prove to their riders that performing this demanding service is not as easy as it looks. When clients are running late, the blame shifts to drivers. Talk to clients in a bad mood? They will tell the driver to shut up, now it is a good time to shut your mouth and drive. You are only a driver, so drive. They may tell the driver "What are you saying? Can you see that I am on the phone talking to my cheating boyfriend?" So much to process; it is so ridiculous that Uber drivers make so little money dealing with poor personalities. 

Uber drivers control their fate. Cancel riders in 2 minutes. No ifs, ands and/or buts. Move the UberPool ride forward. If the client calls and asks why you left, tell them you weren't there in 2 minutes, so per UberPool policy you got canceled. It is as simple as 1-2-3. Uber drivers pay for their vehicles, insurance, gas and maintenance. Unfortunately, Uber doesn't pay for any of these expenses and their clients have put many drivers in serious situations involving violations and tickets. Luckily, Uber drivers can enforce Uber policies to teach riders to shape up or get left behind. 

Cancel UberPool client after 2 minutes!