Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Riders request 2 riders for 1 person

Uber asks their clients to input the number of riders in UberPool requests. Clients can enter their name and/or their name plus an additional rider. This process keeps track of the number of seats available in UberPool trips. Some clients are manipulating the ride app system, either by exceeding seating capacity on accident or on purpose.

An Uber driver giving UberPool trips has seen it all. A morning UberPool rider inputted herself plus an additional rider. She shows up by herself; there is no rider to take the second seat. This has occurred quite a few times to become a relevant issue. Uber is losing out on filling these seats, which could reduce additional UberPool requests.    

A possible response - Uber clients input an additional rider to limit the number of connecting riders. By doing this, these clients influence the shared cost of trips. Uber should allow drivers to revise the number of riders to maintain the integrity of the mission. If a client wants their privacy and inputs a second rider and only shows up as one rider, the Uber driver can see this and make an adjustment.

This Uber driver was requested to pick up one rider, but could be expected to drive 2, 3, and 4 riders. He understands the importance of maintaining the right number of riders and will inform the client of this policy. It is only fair to keep UberPool accurate; otherwise, Uber clients are all losing out.  

Clients have admitted inputting an extra person to avoid sitting next to another rider. As a result of this, any connecting riders are blocked because immoral riders manipulate the system for privacy reasons. These riders would rather choose being solo than share a ride and reduce the cost of a particular trip. Therefore, all carpool riders searching for an available seat are being blocked and must wait longer to locate an open seat. 

The Uber driver performing UberPool trips noticed riders inputting "1" rider, when in fact their primary motivation is bringing along multiple riders into UberPool trips to save on per mile, per minute fees. These riders are oblivious to UberPool policies. Their actions affect Uber clients requesting rides during the busiest times.  

Overall, UberPool clients who purposely disregard UberPool policies could increase the cost of trips, limit the number of connecting riders and compromise this carpooling service Uber is trying to promote as an everyday service for their ridership. 

Be fair and request an UberPool with the right number of riders. You put Uber drivers in a bad position to cancel you, or they face rejecting connecting riders that will drop their acceptance rate and cost them potential incentives connected with promotions. Furthermore, your fellow riders must wait longer and potentially be footed a higher share of the trip cost. 

UberPool on!