Tuesday, March 29, 2016

No ride connections on UberPool trips before Monday midnight

Before Monday midnight, UberPool trips went solo. Lack of UberPool connections compromised an Uber driver's goal to complete 10 trips on Monday.

Three UberPool trips, two in the East Bay and one in San Francisco, lacked second connections. However, UberPool trips after midnight got connected with multiple riders. Algorithms doing this? 

Why make it harder for Uber drivers to locate second UberPool connections? Deny drivers an opportunity to reach trip incentives? Keep clients from saving money? 

On a supposedly busy Monday night, an Uber driver completed three UberPool trips without a second rider. After midnight, many UberPool trips got linked up. They were nonexistent before midnight.

It would have helped an Uber driver to get a second UberPool connection 7 minutes before midnight. Most important, UberPool riders were not receiving the best value taking trips prior to midnight.