Tuesday, March 15, 2016

East Bay clients taking too long, costing first connecting rider money

We heard that UberPool is thriving in the East Bay. As planned, UberPool is giving everyday riders an opportunity to share the cost of the ride. However, connecting riders are re-routing existing rider(s) and this is increasing the cost of their ride. 

A few UberPool users expressed anger in false price quotes. An Uber client was quoted $22 on her ride to SFO from Berkeley. Her connecting riding, in the same region, only got charged $10 to get into San Francisco. The problem with UberPool add-ons is that existing riders must accept staying in rides longer and traveling further to reach destinations. 

UberPool may work to some extent, but it is no way efficient for first riders starting the carpool. They appear to be assuming the majority of the cost in taking a longer ride and paying for additional mileage. Fare quotes are unreliable in giving the rider the true cost of the trip. 

This UberPool client took another surged trip on UberPool a week prior. She claimed the trip cost her $50 from downtown San Francisco to Pacifica. Her trip connected with two other riders. The Uber driver told this female client she would save on her trip. She didn't save; she probably assumed the majority of the cost. 

We've seen many connecting riders paying ridiculously small amounts to link up with UberPool rides. One rider paid less than $3 for entire ride. Another paid less than $5. The first rider is paying for these riders to get cheap rides. Essentially, first riders who start an UberPool and stay in this trip for the full extent will have to re-route to pick-up new riders. They will pay much more traveling all over town and/or across multiple cities. 

In our opinion, these clients are better off using UberX to save time and pay similar amounts to take rides. Space some time aside to take UberPool. If you are late, don't blame the driver and give a low rating. It is the driver's fault an UberPool is taking so long. 

Uber clients are known to take their time. They know UberPool only waits for 2 minutes. Therefore, UberPool clients should be standing outside of their pickup address to enter this carpool service. 

Another problem with UberPool is that drivers and clients are not permitted to change destinations. As a result of this, riders who request drivers to re-route to new destinations may experience delays getting connected to primary destinations.

Notice you requested wrong pickup address? Are you within 5 minutes? Cancel this trip and order a new UberPool. The first rider and/or two riders will pay to retrieve you at the wrong address. Be fair with inputting right addresses because future delays may happen to you. Karma works in mysterious ways. 

Do we believe UberPool works? It does work if everyone follows the rules. Because clients are used to bending policies riding with UberX, they order UberPool with the same identical mentality. 

UberPool clients requesting first connection and riding longer are rarely saving on their trip. To save $4 and double the time of ride is not worth using UberPool. An UberX trip to SFO from Berkeley only cost $34. Paying $30 and only charging another connecting rider $10 to get into San Francisco is ineffective. Furthermore, the existing client must stay in this UberPool much longer to reach the airport. She knew ahead of time to request her UberPool early and not take any chances with being late. 

UberPool has its problems. It works most of the time, but has problems with connecting riders and extending trip. Although we see its efficiency, we can't rely on this service to save money. Surge pricing will increase the cost of this trip and put the majority of the cost on the first rider. During surge pricing, every client is paying a different multiple. Drivers want to deliver riders in a timely manner, so there are no disagreements they are milking the ride. 

Drivers are uninterested in extending trip. At $.20 a minute in San Francisco and $.15 per minute in the East Bay, drivers won't make money lengthening a ride. When drivers shut your trip down 5 seconds later, you are only paying a penny or less. 

Drivers lose money waiting for clients. Uber clients seem to forget their impact on the fate of drivers. Rate drivers low for driving late client could cause a driver to eventually get booted from Uber. As long as this makes you feel good, you probably don't care much. Drivers deal with a lot of adversity, but are underappreciated for their hard work. They assume all the risks for peanut pay. 

Think about all of this the next time you take an UberPool trip. Drivers are following the prompts that UberPool request of them. They can drop you off out of order. It seems UberPool won't tell the driver where the connecting riders are traveling. The Uber ride platform put drivers at a disadvantage; they are struggling to get good ratings and make money.

Good luck sampling UberPool! Be fair and you'll enjoy this carpooling service in the East Bay. Make sure you are ready to take your UberPool. Keep in mind there are other riders who need to reach destinations. 

UberPool on!