Friday, March 04, 2016

Drunk riders rate low and get drivers booted

Drunk Uber clients don't care whether they rate good drivers low. They see a surged trip, they rate low. They make mistakes dropping the pin far away, they rate their driver with low stars. Drunk riders have taken part in deactivating many good ridesharing drivers.

It is puzzling how this star rating system continues to measure the accuracy of good drivers. The very best drivers are now struggling to keep their scores high. If Uber drivers drop to 4.6, they face training and inevitably getting deactivated from the ride platform. The worst drivers receive good scores because clients are too scared to rate them low.

One client reported a driver treating her terribly, so bad that it ruined her night. She contemplated giving this driver a low score, but changed her mind to not ruin his high score, his livelihood. On the opposing side, drunk clients are quick to rate friendly, nice drivers with low stars.

Drunk Uber clients can't control their fingers. They accidentally hit "1" star to close out the app. What happens to the Uber driver? Their score is ruined for the remainder of the week. Their overall score takes a drop. Good Uber drivers are noticing an influx of poor riders with no experience.

Meanwhile, drunk clients continue to request rides and duplicate this problem behavior. If Uber clients enjoy waiting and not getting drivers to take them home, then please accommodate your drivers. They deal with so many challenges on the road. They are driving their personal vehicles to ensure you get home safely. Uber drivers rely on their driver job to survive.

Drunk riders seem to ignore the impact of their bad ratings. They don't worry too much if they accidentally submit a low star. It is very easy to submit the wrong rating. If you submit the wrong rating, contact Uber to change this score. Ultimately, you will cause a good driver to get booted out of the system.

Like waiting long periods of time? Don't get a ride? Drivers cancel on you? There is a reason for this practice. Stop submitting low stars. You go out to have fun. You have a safe ride home. Don't blame drivers for the cost of your surged ride? They don't have any control over the fares and surge pricing.

Do you know that you are rated, too? Uber hasn't shared this with you. All clients/riders are rated. Drivers see this score, so they may decline your request to avoid receiving bad scores. It is those drivers who are fair to drive you that are getting penalized for doing what is morally right.

Uber drivers must band together to protect their overall ratings. Don't allow drunk riders to ruin ridesharing. Drunk riders should think beyond their selfish needs. Uber drivers can't exceed seating capacity. Don't pile your friends in Uber rides. Stop bringing your alcohol in vehicles.

Would you like showing up to work and getting terminated? We are sure you wouldn't enjoy this poor treatment. Your poor ratings are dooming the service you rely on to get home.

Make a mistake submitting the wrong score? Contact Uber and change the score. Don't allow this score to get your driver booted from the ride platform.

It is acceptable to get drunk. Uber drivers want to drive you. Stop vomiting in Uber rides. You cost your driver hundreds in lost earnings. They have to clean your disgusting mess.

Don't burn the hand that gives you safe rides home. Be fair to reward your good Uber drivers with 5 stars.