Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Are the happy holiday people now feeling blue?

The holiday season is over. People are back into their routine. These people are also hurting their drivers for minor events. In the past few months, clients have doomed driver ratings.

Touch the phone while driving? Get a low score. What Uber clients fail to notice is that Uber sends back-to-back ride requests before a trip ends and this resets the navigation.

Clients mistake drivers tapping their phones as a distraction. In a way, Uber is setting up their drivers to fail. They base too much of driver performance on client ratings.

Uber drivers are getting hit with low ratings. This is a major concern, as receiving low ratings can lead drivers into a training program and possibly future deactivation.

We've seen a few clients submit 1 star ratings on minor mistakes. Whenever the wrong client enters the wrong Uber, drivers must be prepared to get a 1 star. Uber clients are petty in their scoring. They won't forgive mistakes, instead they punish their drivers.

An UberPool client in San Francisco shared that there is no in-between for her. She will give 5 or 1 stars. If you drive her fairly, she will give 5 stars. However, jeopardizing her safety, missing turns, extending trips and other actions will lead her drivers to 1 stars.

Based on driver ratings the past few months, clients are definitely not in that holiday spirit. It is tough for drivers to receive fair scores. Their overall ratings are soaring downward, really fast.

One veteran Uber driver opens the door for his clients. He also gives them gum and water, offers phone chargers and engages in conversation. These clients have hit this driver with an average of 4.78 the past 3 weeks. This 4.90+ driver is now on the cusp of reaching 4.79 and below. His overall ratings are falling so fast that he is thinking about preparing to leave driving. At this pace, Uber clients are accelerating the death of his driver job.

During the holiday season, this Uber driver enjoyed receiving 5.0, 4.99, and 4.96 and 4.95 weeks. He scored multiple 5.0 weeks driving within the fall months. Nevertheless, the past three weeks have been especially brutal to his overall score. He dropped to a score he has never had previously in over 2 years of Uber service; it is getting way worse. He changed areas, times, and upped his service. It is not working to help him.

Uber clients must be fair. Do you know that drivers rate you? Would you like them submitting a 1 star for you being late? Karma will repay these rude clients for hurting drivers.

The next time you don't get a ride from a BART station to home, you better check your overall rating. Maybe you punished so many drivers and a driver finally gave you a score you deserved to get.

It doesn't have to be this way. Just be fair to reward your good drivers. Why give them 1 star for talking to you. If you need to, just tell them you to want to relax. If they don't talk to you, then you shouldn't rate them for being unfriendly. This is not a game; you are affecting the future of drivers. They work just like you, so consider this the next time you want to submit a low rating for your driver making an honest mistake.

The star rating system weighs heavily on 5 stars. 4.90 is considered excellent. 4.8 is good to average. 4.7 is below average. Anything below 4.70 can/will get a driver deactivated. If these drivers rely on this driving job to survive, they are doomed. Try your best to give 5 stars. This will help your good drivers. Think about your karma.

Uber on!