Wednesday, February 03, 2016

What my balance is after my recent Uber deposit?

Uber price cuts are killing Uber drivers. Recent payouts are so horrible that Uber is receiving a larger cut. This is how much an Uber driver has remaining in their bank account after a recent Uber deposit:

An Uber driver working 35 hours received a deposit for $225. After paying a bill, they have $.66 left in their bank account. Last week, the driver drove 30 hours and received a deposit for $75.

Think twice before believing you can make money driving with Uber. At $.85 per mile and $.16 per minute in the East Bay and South Bay, you won't make money. Too many minimum fares, which only pay drivers $3.00-$3.20 after all fees. Airport fees and toll bridge fees are sinking the bottom line

Good luck driving with Uber. Hopefully, you can drive 70-100 hours per week to make what you once made on the road for 30-40 hours.