Tuesday, February 09, 2016

UberPool is cheaper than UberX by 50-70%

UberPool is so cheap in San Francisco that clients can take rides for less than 50-70% of UberX prices. As you may know, UberX prices were reduced to bottom line prices. If UberPool prices are 50-70% less than Uber prices, drivers will struggle to make decent earnings.

UberPool is now the most affordable ride in San Francisco. This means that Uber drivers performing this carpool service are making much less money driving clients around San Francisco, South San Francisco, SFO and Daly City. UberPool is reducing downtime to increase driver earnings.

On the flip side, Uber drivers completing UberPool trips are probably struggling to use the restroom. Folks, Uber drivers are human beings with daily needs like their riders. UberPool request after UberPool request will remove the flexibility in ridesharing services.

UberPool drivers must keep an eye on their smartphones to accept additional UberPool requests. Furthermore, Uber drivers are expected to drive safely, socialize with clients, monitor new ride requests, and follow prompts to complete trips. There is a lot of multitasking required under UberPool, so Uber drivers must stay alert throughout their time in San Francisco.

Less downtime translates into less rest. Before reducing prices to record lows, Uber drivers could park and wait for ride requests to arrive. They could make decent earnings following this process. Now, Uber drivers are driving longer hours at cheaper rates.

Good news: UberPool is far more cheaper than UberX. Bad news: Uber drivers are on the road longer; they're driving Uber clients at much cheaper prices to make a fraction of their past earnings. Hopefully, with less downtime these Uber drivers can find the time to use the restroom, rehydrate and fill up their stomachs.