Monday, February 15, 2016

Uber is now minimum wage on wheels

Multiple far cuts have turned Uber into a minimum wage job on wheels. Friday nights are no longer profitable. Weekdays and weeknights are mediocre. There are too many minimum fares, which net drivers between $3-$3.20. It is not worth driving with Uber anymore.

Imagine completing 100 minimum fares per week and clearing on average of $300-$320. It would take an Uber driver 40-50+ hours to complete this many trips. If drivers are leasing vehicles with Uber, they can expect to pay $154 per week. Fuel cost can cost another $100-$150. 

100 minimum trips, 50 hours online, $300-$320 net pay, and $254-$300 in expenses leave a job with a $0-$20 direct deposit. Uber is basically a below the poverty line job. It is likely drivers will get a few longer trips and mid-range rides to place net pay at $500-$600 before lease/car payments and gas cost deduct from this total. We're looking at $246-$300 for 50 hours of work. 

Uber price cuts stimulated way too many new minimum trips. What used to cost $8 is now a minimum fare. Longer trips cost much less. Airport trips require drivers to pay bridge and airport toll. Uber drivers are traveling several cities to earn what they once made within city limits. 

If an Uber driver didn't use a lease and didn't drive, they would be in the same position as driving. No lease payments and no fuel cost mean can avoid accumulating this weekly debt. 

Uber continues to believe their fare reductions are increasing the number of rides per hour and boosting driver pay. This is far from the truth. Fare cuts produced more minimum trips, decreased cost of longer trips, and cut East Bay and South Bay earnings 35%+ since August 2015. 

Unless Uber can show respect for their drivers with integrating a tipping feature that Lyft implemented during their initial launch and raising fares back up, this ride app is not worth the time of day. Get another primary job. Drive with Uber a few days a week. Increasing hours and taking more trips to make less doesn't make any sense. 

Uber doesn't respect their drivers to help them make a living. They keep feeding unreliable data to manipulate drivers and the media. Drivers are discouraged to drive for low rates. Since clients are making request mistakes, are slow to pickup addresses, and request so many minimum trips, drivers are making very little money. In return, Uber is increasing their $1.35 safe ride fees to make up the loss in driver share/earnings prior to cutting fares. 

Clients realized that Uber fares are far too low. They shared that drivers are probably on the road longer, less downtime to rest, and must make more frequent minimum trips. It is too obvious that fare cuts are undermining the rideshare industry. For the most part, Uber is sugar-coating their price cuts as a way to increase client requests. 

Uber is all about clients. It appears they're willing to sell out their drivers to keep clients happy. No tipping feature. Pin drop issues. Wrong addresses. No-shows. Clients avoid surge pricing. Drivers are getting into major trouble with Fastrak accounts that lockdown vehicle registrations. 

Uber drivers are getting a sour deal. Taxis and Lyft drivers are winning the ridesharing game. The biggest losers are Uber drivers. 

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