Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Uber client requested a tipping feature

Top ride giant Uber still hasn't integrated a tipping feature into their ride app. Furthermore, Uber doesn't want to burden clients with starting trips upon arrival. There is a lot of waiting going on here. Uber drivers and clients are waiting for tips. Drivers must wait for clients to be ready.

On the Uber platform, clients hold all the cards to steer the ridesharing industry. However, drivers are basically pawns that are building Uber into a transportation powerhouse. An Uber client requested a tipping option to reward their driver. This happens often enough to raise eyebrows. Despite this request, Uber is doing their best to avoid the tipping discussion.

Seldom, do we hear Uber mention a future tipping feature. Lyft continues to reward their drivers with higher earnings, Demand Pricing and tips. According to Lyft, 60% of all riders tip their drivers. If Lyft didn't have an in-app tipping feature, the percentage of tipping riders would likely decrease.

Riders prefer to tip on credit cards; they want to tip their Uber drivers. Perhaps, Uber is trying to keep their clients happy without expecting them to spend additional money.

We believe Uber doesn't want to burden clients with extra chargers. It is plausible that Uber favors the ever valuable clients over their hard working drivers.

We will wait and see if Uber will launch a tipping feature. Without a tip option, full-time drivers are losing thousands per year. In San Francisco, riders rarely tip their Uber drivers. Once drivers leave the city of San Francisco, they increase their chance in receiving tips.

An Uber client submitted the following feedback:

"My favorite uber driver I've ever had. I wish you were able to tip on uber. "