Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Sidecar can't let go

Sidecar CEO shared the end of Sidecar on every website except for his own, Side.cr. It seems former Sidecar is trying to drum up support on another venture. Their company got mismanaged from the beginning and went out of business in the end. Sidecar had a shot to become a unique ridesharing app. However, a poorly run company couldn't handle competition and fell flat.

Why hasn't Sidecar updated their website to reflect their closure? Sidecar closed their doors 4 weeks ago. Their website appears the same as it did for the past year. On many websites across the web, Sidecar explains their motivation to close shop. However, Sidecar shows their lack of respect to not inform drivers and riders of their closure on the company website. 

Maybe Sidecar believes leaving a message on the app and listing their reason to close their business on other websites will shed light on the failure of this former ridesharing player. 

Sidecar assumed they could salvage their ridesharing company via transportation services. With transporting items rather than people, Sidecar failed to react in time. A rideshare with the potential to contend for a piece of the ridesharing pie elected to sit back and lose business.

Riders are much more valuable than items. Nonetheless, Sidecar hired the wrong people to run their gold mine. 

The way Sidecar handled their closure on major websites and not on their own explains it all. Don't make people think you are still an active mail delivery platform. You are done, so display this message on Side.cr.