Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Restrict UberPool riders from requesting same driver after 2 times

Some UberPool clients abuse the ridesharing system. They know how to request rides, cancel rides, and request rides - in this order - as a strategy to avoid surge pricing. In monitoring time, these clients know when to cancel their trip; they'll beat the 5 minute window to avoid a cancellation fee.

Uber doesn't restrict clients from requesting the same driver several times in one sequence. It happened to one Uber driver: An Uber client requested UberPool 9 times and cancelled 9 times. Afterward, this client called the driver after his trip had already been canceled on the 9th time. He threatened to harm the driver if he didn't rush to pick him up.

No Uber driver and client deserve this poor treatment. If Uber set a limit to the number of times a client can request the same driver, UberPool would function better. Extending UberPool trips because of riders abusing the system will increase the cost of trips based on time and distance.