Thursday, January 21, 2016

Why Drivers Like Uber?

Uber is viewed as a rideshare giant. It is recognized as a household name. Uber takes on secondary meaning as a noun, referred to as a type of ride. "I'm in an Uber. I'm taking an Uber. We should request an Uber." Uber is becoming bigger than itself. Riders refer to this service by its name (Uber), such as cabs, taxis and a limos.

Uber drivers performing ride services under Uber enjoy their time on the road for several reasons. Why drive for Uber? There is another ridesharing competitor which offers better earning potential than Uber. Uber features allure, the appeal of a trendy service performed by everyday people. Lyft is generating attention based on their favorable treatment of top drivers.

Lyft drivers receive tips on 60% of trips taken. When driving on this ridesharing platform, drivers are guaranteed up to $35+ an hour. Lyft drivers have access to a large rider base. Furthermore, Lyft activates Prime Time pricing to increase cost of trips under a demand price strategy.

On the opposing side, Uber drivers must accept low hourly guarantees to weather the recent Winter decline in ride business. Transitioning into this slow period is a deep concern, especially since the holiday season delivered high demand between October and New Year's Eve.

Uber drivers enjoy driving with Uber for the following reasons: 

  • XChange Leasing Program: lease new and/or pre-owned vehicles.
  • Uber Fuel Card: charge up to $200 gas per week and this is deducted the following week. 
  • Drive anywhere in California.
  • No work schedules to sign up to drive.
  • Promotions/Guarantees.
  • Uber star status.
  • Driver referral rewards. 
  • Rider referral rewards. 
  • No daily or weekly hour restrictions. 
  • Favorable star rating system.
  • Better rider base.