Friday, January 15, 2016

What Radio Stations are Good to Listen to in Bay Area?

The Bay Area of Northern California features a unique blend of arts and technologies. Silicon Valley, located in the South Bay, is home to the most prominent startup companies in the world. A variety of ridesharing riders listen to diverse music genres. What radio stations are good to play while giving rides?

Bay Area music stations are prime real estate on the web. These radio stations can afford to stream good music across airwaves because their advertisers make this possible. We've heard Lyft and Uber radio commercials play on various radio stations.

As ridesharing providers, many hours are devoted to driving people in your personal rider. Since you drive a wide range of people, there are going to be unique requests for music. Playing the best radio stations that will likely compliment riders and/or your personal taste in music.

Choose local Bay Area radio stations that fit your mood. Ask riders if they want to play their own playlist. Music is a good way to break the ice; it entertains most riders.

The following Bay Area radio stations are the best to play in ridesharing vehicles: 

FM 98.1 -  Old School R&B
FM 103.7 -  60's, 70's and 80's Hits
FM 99.7 - House Music & Modern Hits
FM 106.1 - Hip Hop R&B
FM 94.9 - Party Station
FM 102.1 - Classic Rock