Friday, January 15, 2016

We Still Respect Uber

With new price reductions in effect, Uber drivers must stay on the road longer and complete more trips to earn the same amount. We don't fault Uber for recognizing the need to temporarily reduce fares and implement guaranteed driver earnings. Winter business decline is influencing overall demand. As prices drop, demand increases.

We still respect Uber. It is the best ride technology company to drive for right now. They don't rush to deactivate drivers without helping them to improve their star ratings. Their driver support is top notch. They featured the best holiday promotions to encourage Uber drivers to earn additional money. The Uber driver app drastically improved to make it user-friendly.

Uber drivers can drive anywhere within California state lines. They have an XChange Leasing Program in place to put drivers in new and/or pre-owned leases. Additionally, an Uber Fuel Card is available to allow Partners to charge fuel and pay this back the following week. Now, Uber is direct depositing Partner earnings a day early. Over the past few months, direct deposits have arrived on Wednesday instead of Thursday.

Uber conducts research studies to improve their ride platform. They invite qualified drivers to give 45 minutes of their time in exchange for feedback. If selected, drivers receive $75.

Uber listens to Partners and clients to make important decisions. Essentially, Uber may implement such changes to accommodate both parties. Media outlets are highly critical of Uber operations. However, we don't see another ride platform that offers better incentives than Uber.

Lyft may reward their drivers with $1,500 weekly guarantees, but they are too quick to deactivate drivers once ratings fall below minimum requirements. No mediation occurs on the Lyft platform. One day you are providing ridesharing services as a Lyft driver, the next morning you are unexpectedly blocked out, deactivated and ignored.

Uber is far more professional. Their driver support time has reduced from 4 days to a few hours. Direct deposits arrive a day earlier. Uber drivers are authorized to drive anywhere in California. Random promotions offer Uber drivers added incentives to increase their production.

Thank you Uber for being awesome! Drivers still believe in you.